Been a while  

Cshadow13 41M  
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4/8/2006 6:13 am
Been a while

It has been a while since I have put anything up on here, and with Yearofthemonkey commenting, figured I had better get something up here and let you all in on what is going on. Or, well, the couple of you that are probably reading this.

I am currently in Alaska right now working. Got a new job (administration) and a little bit of a raise. I am psyched about it and enjoying it. Due to changing jobs, my schedule will change. So I shall leave here on the 13th of April and arrive home on the 14th. I will leave there on the 26th to come up to Alaska and work another 3 weeks.

During my two weeks off I will be moving into my new house. I bought one and am excited about that also. I have a friend and his wife (or friend and her husband, however you want to look at it) staying with me. They are going to help with the monthly payments (which I can afford, but this lets me do other things) and they can take care of the house while I am out of state for 3 weeks at a time. Plus it gets them out of their apartment that they were in.

And I have a few other things that I need to do while I am in town to get situated, but I am always up to loose something special of mine. And with the amount of time that I have waited and such I would really like the girl (lady/woman) to be pretty good looking to break my virginity. Or two of you. Not picky in that regards. I would like to experience a lot of things for my first time, though endurance may play a factor in that, we shall see. I got a tongue and fingers, surely I can use those to help the woman out. So, what do you ladies say?

I am going to try to get around to updating my profile and try re-wording a couple things to make it sound a bit better. Some of it isn't that clear. Also, while I am at home I need to try and get some other pictures aside from me in my work clothes.

Last month and this month have been really good for me. With getting some stuff paid off, buying the house, birthday (turned 29 at work), possibly starting up my own LLC business while I am down this time, and getting the new job (that pays about 5K more a year; this has been a good couple months. It would be even better if I could get a woman to show me some pleasures of the flesh, that would TOP off my year for sure.

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