To know or not to know, Or just say NO, Who knows?  

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8/8/2006 10:25 am

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To know or not to know, Or just say NO, Who knows?

When in a relationship, what do you want/need to know? When, Where, What, communication is expected/required/owed to your partner? What does the other need to know. Honestly, is there a no need to know rule? Is no knowledge the way to know?
No one needs to know, no I won't tell you no way?
I don't want to know if you know what I mean..This can go on no longer,,,I Bet Noah would know? Multiple choice, not just yes or NO
Like the Great Powerful OZ, we are all knowing, We put our our noses anywhere in ther other's
We just Know, , and if we occaisionally get nosey
If you ask, I 'll let you know, but who knows if Pinnochio Nose knows
I don't know.. Why do you need to know ? Answering Maybe yes/maybe no
No, No, This is the story you know,
No, no way I won't tell you , You don't deserve/need to know
I was drunk I don't know
To know what they wnat to know, and tell+ FABRICATE no more
oH no, oh NO, DENY ........ WAIT TILL THEY KNOW,

My4biddenLover 50F
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1/28/2009 3:40 pm

Denying gets you no where. Secrets have a habit of coming out, no matter how hard you try to cover it up with a lie, exactly like denying the truth!!!

Life is not measured by the amount of breathes we take, but by the amount of moments it takes our breath away. Life is too short to hold grudges!
Beverley xxx

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