CruelKitty 47F
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5/15/2006 8:01 pm

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5/20/2006 9:01 am


I thought about blogging about the hot cowboy. But, on second though, I decided I still want to keep that one to myself. Here's a pic though. I still can't believe I pulled that one.

I have noticed on AdultFriendFinder that the explicit pics are edited. You have to view profiles to see them now. You can't just browse through groups, etc and see random pricks here and there. Personally, I think this is a good thing.

I've been really tired lately. I went to the doctor and he ran some tests. I'm really low on B-12. So I have to give myself shots, unless I can find someone to give me an injection. I really hate giving myself injections.

I got my very own space up and running. Apparently nobody from AdultFriendFinder has stopped by though. Unless they're just looky-Lou's and not saying hi. Could be.

Oh well, my random shit is really boring. So, just look at the pic. Marvel at my talent for picking up hotties...too bad I can't seem to keep them.

rm_Shortdogg65 53M
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5/15/2006 8:36 pm

Guess i'd better say hello. Shortdogg

toys2us 59M/59F
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5/15/2006 9:39 pm

While I doubt that a Lint injection will help We are with you in your ventures to find the mate for you. Although our finder fees are in Lint, We think you have the right stuff!!
Set the toys on High Vibe, Toys!

toucher41 50M

5/17/2006 7:25 pm

I have been bye, but I have not said hi yet. Did send a request

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