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CruelKitty 46F
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5/3/2006 3:49 pm
Office Eye Candy

Long time no post.
Well, nothing is going on. At least nothing exciting. I've been bummed lately. The most excitement I've had is the cute fax guy coming in to fix our fax machine. It was quite an ordeal. EVERYONE in the office knows I have a huge crush on him. So they all gawked to see what I would say to him. I tried to be as professional as possible, but someone just had to bring me a Diet Coke and give it to me right in front of him. Thank goodness it was inside joke, but with everyone laughing and my face turning beet red, he had to have known that something was up. Anyway, he fixed the machine that day and the next day, it was broken again. So I had to give him another call. He said he'd be out that afternoon, but he called to let me know he wouldn't be out til the next morning. The next morning turned into 2 PM and he came in bearing a cookie from City Bites for me. How thoughtful. We talked for a bit, work related, of course, and he commented on how moist it was. His exact words were, "It's a little moist in here, isn't it?" I can only imagine the look on my face, but he asked what's funny, and I could only say "nothing, that was just threw me a little" and then he commented on how the paper curls up when there is moisture in the air. Yeah...ok. Anyway, he went back to repairing the fax machine and couldn't figure it out. He had to take it to the shop to work on it. He finally brought it back 2 days later, and he had someone with him, so I couldn't really talk to, I had alot of work to do. By then, about 6 other people were commenting on the fax guy. It's like JR HIGH around there sometimes. Well, when he brought it back, it worked, but the fax confirmations weren't printing. So I had to call him again. He called and left me a message that he would call back. Note that he did NOT leave me his phone number. I knew it was something that I could fix myself, just needed some instructions, so I asked him to fax me the instructions. So he sent me the fax, with just his name, Jon N...(no last name) and to call with any ??? (no phone #)..and a smiley face. So that's it. As one of my friends said, I need to get some guts so I can get some nuts.

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