A quickie...... 6/27/05  

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4/27/2006 2:08 pm
A quickie...... 6/27/05

Your skin, so soft from the warm water, your eyes are gleaming- eager for my touch, your lips whispering to me- "I'm yours - take me!" my heart pounding in my chest. I stand retrieving your sponge and a bottle of your favorite body wash. You begin to smile as I lather up the sponge.

I begin by slowly washing the nape of your neck following the soft line of your collar bone to your neck, rinsing while being careful to keep your sexy lochs nice and dry. I take an extra minute and firmly massage each shoulder as I work the sponge with the other hand. Gently I press you forward exposing your back which is just a bit pink from the warm water. You lean your head forward welcoming the stimulation of the sponge and water on your skin.

Leaning you back, I reposition myself at the edge of the tub. Starting where I left off under your neck, I scrub down your chest to your breast. Your nipples are hard against the cool air above the water. I caress each breast lathering, rinsing, and lathering again. You lean your neck over the back of the tub, raising your belly.

As I move the sponge from your side across your tummy I tease your navel. I lean over your body and gently kiss your chin- "Stand up" I ask, and you willingly comply. Turning you around I have a wonderful view of your buttocks and legs. "Here baby" you whisper bending over just slightly exposing your anus and vagina.

I lather the sponge and work my way down from your hips, covering every inch of you. Before rinsing you off I run my fingers over your ass and playfully tease your anus, running a finger up and down between your cheeks as your lips begin to swell. I fill several cups of water and rinse- the water running down your legs, over your pussy and clit. You let out a slight moan.

I turn you, taking your hand lead you into the bedroom. I ask you to sit on the edge of the bed, spreading your legs I crawl between your smooth thighs. You place one hand on the back of my head the other reaches for your breast and you fall back on the bed. I cradle your buttocks in my hands as you pull me into you. I kiss your thigh and can feel the warmth on my cheek. You lips are now full and hard, fully exposing the pink center emitting an intoxicating scent. I work my way right above your clit kissing every inch.

I attack your clit with my tongue and you instantly jerk- grabbing the small tuft of hair at the base of my neck. I take your clit into my mouth, sucking and licking. Your back arches as you pinch your nipple and caress each breast, biting your lip. I carefully map the area above your vagina, now hot and wet, to your clit with my tongue, over and over deliberately and hard. Your hand guiding my head pulling me ever closer. I move one of my hands down your thigh and begin to tease your anus- again your body jerks, this time your stomach begins to tighten. Immediately I move my other hand over your thigh and begin stroking your clit in a rhythmic fashion, and begin making love to you with my tongue. The warmth of your body invigorates me and I can feel your hand driving me deeper inside you with every probe of my mouth.

Your back is now fully arched your nipples hard, as you bite your hand. You don't want this to end and at the same time you can't wait to explode. I begin to press against your anus with the same rhythm as I caress your clit and your body becomes fixated on the sensation.- "Yes , Yes"- you moan between bites- I thrust my tongue even deeper inside you- to the point I can barley breath, I can feel your muscles tremble and know you are close to ecstasy, your hand releases my hair and you grab your breast pinching the nipples as you lock your feet over my shoulders.

The rhythm increases and your body begins to tremble, pressing harder against your clit and anus and thrusting my tongue in and out of you, you moan "YES!". Your thighs lock hard on my neck as your muscles begin to spasm out of control. You fill my mouth as you cum and your warm liquid runs down my cheeks and over my chest. Exhausted you collapse, stroking my hair, calling for me.

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