Yes, I've entered the bloggosphere  

CreativeWriter 49M
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3/6/2006 1:14 pm
Yes, I've entered the bloggosphere

Well it only seemed appropriate that someone that actually likes the written word, should have a blog.

So I've taken the plunge. Entered the fray so to speak.

Here's the random though for the day. With so many "horny" people around the world (as ranked by the number of AdultFriendFinder members) it is truly surprising that a quick scan of the blogs shows so many unsatisfied people.

I know in my case, being married, and male and trying to have discreet fun. I'm almost guaranteed to strike out! But the hunt and the challenge is invigorating. Many would label me a cad. Others worse. But I am truly not a bad person, ummm check the references. But it is still hard to try and fit into the constrains of our society, without being branded something or other.

So call me a dog, if you must, but remember those dogs seem to be enjoying themselves a whole lot more than us humans!

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