The Loft - Chapter Three - Daydreaming  

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The Loft - Chapter Three - Daydreaming

As time passed I slowly started to grow more comfortable with my surroundings. I was able to get past my anxiety, and realize that I was sitting in bed with a wonderful, gorgeous and erotic female, who had actually agreed to get naked with me, while my lover stood mere steps away painting us.

I started to think about how good Rebecca felt in my arms, how smooth and perfect her skin was and how warm and wonderful it felt to be holding her so close. How good it would feel to slowly bend my neck down slightly and kiss shoulder, moving little kisses along her collar bone, until I reached her neck. Then to slowly nuzzle my face into her neck, feeling her sigh and arch her herself against me as I kissed her and nibbled on her ear. My hands softly falling off her arms, to slide along her legs and down towards her tight ass, feeling her own arms rise to reach back over her to run her hands in my hair. My hands travelling along the sides of her ass and rising across her flat stomach, suddenly exposed by the raising of her arms. Stopping short, just underneath the start of her breasts and sliding them back out towards her sides, travelling along the gently curves of her perfect breasts. Her breathing deepens, as my hands slide back and forth just beneath her breasts the light touch of my arms pressing against her breasts as I wrap my arms around her and slide them back to her sides.

How good it would feel to ever so softly, move my broad hands to cup and slide along her breasts, my thumbs on both hands just brushing her hardening nipples. To slowly, gently move upwards with my hands, until I could roll her hard nipple between my fingers, feeling her breath gasp as I pulled on them gently.

Turning her in my arms, and finally placing my lips on her full wet lips and kissing her deeply, parting my mouth and dancing my tongue across her lips. Her lips opening and our tongues become one, rolling in our hot mouths and becoming one with the other. Her hand falling on my hard cock rising between us, and engulfs it with her hand, twisting around the shaft and sliding upwards demanding that it grow in her hand some more. My own hands still exploring her, feeling her hard nipples and rolling them between my fingers then sliding rapidly down and across her ass. Enjoying the sensation of naked skin on naked skin. I push her back on her back, spreading her arms over her head, and rising above her, kissing her quickly on her lips, before travelling downwards, retracing my kisses along her neck, then her collarbone, then her shoulder. Kissing back across her chest moving ever closer to her aching nipples. Pausing to gaze at them, how beautiful they look so tight and hard. Finally letting my tongue trace around her nipples and then pulling one into my hot mouth. I slowly suck on her hard nipples, popping them in and out of my mouth, flicking them with my tongue, and them sucking them back into my mouth hard, my hands caressing the undersides of her breasts, raising them to my mouth each time I suck hard.

I feel her hips start to move beneath me. Her hips thrusting upwards to rub her wetness on my legs in her desire to gain some attention for her hot and neglected pussy. Her hands seeking out my own hardness once again and tugging on it with impatience. Slowly turning my body, kissing her stomach, then each side of her legs before kissing around her beautifully trimmed red mound. Again enjoying just seeing how wet and excited she was. Admiring how swollen her lips had become, and how her clit had started to try and poke out from underneath it's hood. I lower my tongue and trace down the edges of her swollen lips avoiding her clit, and not pressing hard enough to part them yet. Letting my tongue slowly wet her lips, pressing slightly harder on each stroke, urging her lips to part beneath my tongue. As her lips open, I feel the heat and wetness start to flow out of her. How good her juices taste as the tip of my tongue finally traced the insides of her swollen lips, her hips moving to press her pussy hard against my tongue. Pulling her clit into my mouth, sucking it into my mouth and holding between my lips, not moving, the tip of my tongue curling just beneath it, sliding back and forth along it's length.

As my tongue continued sliding around, probing, licking and stroking inside I would feel her hips being to rise and fall in rythm, slowly beginning to fuck my tongue, hearing her moans, and her breathing deeping. My tongue deep inside her as her hips start to move rapidly beneath me, she lets out a deep gasp, her juices rolling across my tongue as she comes hard over my face.

I snapped my head up, realizing I was daydreaming as Robin took another picture to capture our position.

"Ok guys, break time!" Robin stood in front of us with a confident grin "it's coming along fantastically, you both had this incredible look on your faces"

Rebecca, slowly stood grinning, "It must have been something we were thinking about" turning to look at me, and purposefully looking down into my lap, as I realized my cock was still rock hard and had to have been pressing into Rebecca the whole time.

"hmmmm, indeed!" Robin replied now staring down at me too. "Perhaps you need more than just a break Brian"

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