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4/8/2006 3:02 am
Mr. Darcy

Man, tetanus shots hurt! I don't know about all you out there in blog land but I think needles suck! I hate getting stuck with a needle and I got stuck with three today; tetanus, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. I needed these to go to Egypt. Sandy, who called me today, says she likes the feeling. So does Juanita. Being there is a difference there must be a reason. Our bodies are made in such a way that things which cause some people pain cause others pleasure. Take Sandy for example. Even though she admits the needle hurts a little she enjoys the sudden sensation. I don't get the sensation she is describing hense I don't enjoy needles. I don't think we can choose this as much as we can just say today orange is my favorite color. It can not be coincidence that blue is the favorite color of the greatest number of humans. Right handedness is another. We don't choose to be right handed just as we don't choose our sexual orientation. So many people don't understand this idea. Is the opposite true? Do we learn to like certain things? Can we learn to like chocolate from others or do we eat chocolate and just enjoy it? What does blog land think? Is each individual hardwired to like certain things or do we learn to like certain things from others?
Anyway, it is great to hear from Sandy again. She is one of those really sensual quite girls. Her eyes captivate me every time I look into them. I always tell her about it and how sexy she is. I don't do it to try to get in her pants. She is just plain sexy and enjoys the compliment. She is a dear friend and will stay that way. We hit the park where we met up with her best friend Heather. She is a delightful girl full of energy. She compliments Sandy well. They introduce their new friend Jackie to me. I kiddingly introduce myself as Mr. Darcy. Bingo, click! She read the book. There is nothing better than a girl with brains. It was a good night. She taught me some Spanish and I taught her some tango. After, we walked Heather, who was so trashed, back to her place. Everyone else sacked out while watching The Wizard of Oz.
Did you know that the book that inspired the movie was really a satire on the politics of the day? The scarecrow is a farmer, the tinman is a factory worker, the lion is a politian, and the wizard is the boss of the political machine. Watch it again, it will all make sense.
Now it is 6am and I still can't sleep.

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