Been a while since I posted  

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4/17/2006 10:12 pm
Been a while since I posted

I was going to make this a nightly thing. I have never kept a diary and I figured this would be a good way to start. I haven't been as persistent as I should have be but oh well. Such is life.
Since my last post, much has happened. I got a new job. It is a telecommute. I only have to go into the office when I want to. Otherwise I just do my programming at home or on my soon to be trip to Egypt. Egypt is pretty much all I can think about since it is the end of the semester and I am ready for a break.
The girl I met through my friend Sandy didn't turn out well. She got weird on me pretty quick. I am pretty comfortable around weird people but this is a different kind of weird. She asked me to come over to the restaurant she worked at for lunch and I accepted. Then she tells all her friends I started randomly coming to where she worked. Kind of odd since the only time I have been there was when she invited me. Now that is weird. This upsets me because we share friends together. Rumors, especially false ones, are poison. Some women seem to have their own world and rules and us men just can't figure them out.
Sandy and her friend took me to a new club in midtown. I think it was called the lava lounge. That doesn't really matter though. The interesting part was her friend Heather. She is from Tailand and a more than a little wild. The dress she wore was, well, eye catching. It was black with a low v cut in the front and the back so you knew she couldn't be wearing a bra. Not like she needed one anyway. The hemline was so short that if she took three long strides it would ride up and see all that god had graced her with. I offered her some duck tape to keep it in place It is at this time that people reading might think I would have tried to make a move on this girl concidering that she was very drunk. I just don't view her in that way. She will make a great friend and is starting to become so. I think some people, such as myself, are just born gentlemen. Not much we can do to change that.
In the good news, I have a date for Friday. I met this girl on a regular dating site. She is a PhD student at Emory. She came from Bulgaria on a Fulbright Scholarship to study business. People with brains and creative thinkers are a big turn on for me. She is petite, which I like, and looks like a school girl which I am suprised to find attractive. However, I am much more interested in getting to know her rather than try to get her in the sack. Actually, I would rather not think about it with this one. I can tell she is going to have an interesting story within her. She is special. I do worry though that if things progress farther that she may not be able to keep up with my libido and experimentation. Time will tell.
School is dragging on these days. I have lost so much motivation. However, all my recent tests have come back with A's. My history professor wanted permission to publish one of my papers in a local journal. That was interesting since I have never been published before. After this entry, I really have to crack the books to get caught up.
I am attaching a movie I made. Not the home movie that most people on this site might want to see though. It was my first experiment in trying out the video capture capabilities of my webcam. Hopefully it will show up next to this entry.

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