My dirty little fantasies  

CrazyCoolBiFem 40F
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4/21/2005 10:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My dirty little fantasies

So, I have fantasies that range from being naughty outdoors to playing around in random places like the movie theaters (an old favorite of mine!) to playing in the car while driving someplace~ this can be so much fun onlong drives~ like goign ot Vegas since I am from California and I am only a few hours away. Fun! LOL~ well, the question is how many of you have this kind of dirty little fun? I would like some fun ideas~ give it to me baby!


JimInt1466 65M
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4/23/2005 2:06 am

i happen to be an over the road trucker and love it when the ladies flash me as i drive down the road, wish it would happen more often. keep it up

CrazyCoolBiFem 40F
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4/23/2005 3:39 pm

LOL~ Well, I don't flash. I do a bit more daring things. I don't deliberately show anything either but if caught by mistake..... that is the danger factor and that is what makes it so much fun.


Rhonwyn 31F

4/25/2005 8:08 pm

I was on a 4 hour trip with my bf. We had been making love the night before and I didn't realize it but he was still feeling frisky. He had his hand resting on my leg and I didn't think anything of it so I started to doze off. I shifted on the seat to get a little more comfortable which spread my legs a bit more. My bf must have thought that was an invitation because his hand slowly crept up my thigh and under my skirt. In my dozing state I started to have this incredible dream (ok so it wasn't about my bf but he doesn't need to know

The dream kept getting hotter and steamier until I felt myself get wet. I could almost even feel my dream lover's hands roaming over my panties. Suddenly I felt a burst of cool air against my wet lips. I woke up enough to realize my bf was lifting the edge of my panties so he could finger me directly. Needless to say at that point I was so worked up I didn't let him stop until I had my O.

(He later told me I had been moaning and he didn't realize I had dozed off. He thought I was closing my eyes to enjoy his touch. lol)

CrazyCoolBiFem 40F
53 posts
4/25/2005 11:28 pm

Rhonny~ How wonderful! One of my favorite things is to arise to my boyfriend going down on me. Touching me and teasing me. I had a moment like that where we had been simply resting and I had dozed off only to find myself in the middle of play! How wonderful and I definately had a nice O~ yay! Lot's of fun!


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