scramblin' for abstractions  

CrashnBern 59F
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5/8/2006 11:52 am

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scramblin' for abstractions

Sometimes you sit in front of this glowing square of light and all those lovely quirky streams of witticisms that you have lined up in your head just spill down the drain and you can't get them back. I am so out of practice with spilling my Brain that sometimes its hard to come up anything to type so now I have a little notebook to scribble things down .... I must be getting older...

Well its not like I don't have stuff to write about... I mean we did just have a meet and greet on Sat night and we did have group of us that left early and went to a strip club and we did end up at my guys house(8 of us)and we did go to breakfast at 4 and finally got to sleep after 5 and only slept 4 hrs and stayed up all day with this weird permagrin on my face but I can't go into detail. I still want to hold on those vibrant flashbacks and digest them before I file them.
But don't you love having a great night you got totally thoroughly Satisfied(thought I was going to say Fucked, didn't you?)and those errant little thoughts won't stay where they are supposed to be and in the middle of a sentence your voice trails off and there is silence. OOPS I'm sorry (better sit legs weak wipe drool) So you just mumble something about went out last night and try to get back into the conversation when half of the people are staring at you and the other half; laughing - OK I'm used to the laughing part but then the little insecure girl I was growing up still pops out a bit when they stare.. ok Walls are up I'm BACK NOW and I'm laughing too - where was I? Oh Yeah...Groggy!!!
they change my dosage on Tuesday!

Jigen87 31M

5/8/2006 12:33 pm

Hahaha, sounds like you had a fun night. I sent you an email, ya know in case you need something to do. I'll be around. ^_^

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