Wash Out  

LocksPshawStage 61M
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9/3/2006 2:50 pm
Wash Out

Labor Day weekend a washout here in the east. Whine!!! Yep rain rain and rain. But what the hell cant change it. So how is everyone?? Find what you are looking for?? OK heres a question why do i see people on here forever?? Do they ever find what they are looking for??? Or do they just hang out to make new friends??? Just curious and bored out of my mind. Seems to me if I found the "one" I would move on. But then I remember I hung out in yahoo forever. Then boom went the user rooms. Then the bots took over. Ruined a good thing. Could get lying in real time LOL. Just kidding as it is every where there are liars there and here. Oh well thats their problem. I actually feel sorry for those that do that. I may not be much but I am me and I am quite comfortable with that. Thats why I can look around and know that any contact on here is just a bonus. Plus lots of great pictures. LOL

Have a great day.

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