Sunday in Flanders  

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1/29/2006 1:01 pm

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Sunday in Flanders

What a catchy title. What brings us here. Me I think its a cross between being alone and being desperate. Its like I am looking for something to fill a hole in me.

I simply dont like the wife. Betweem her cheating and other lies its hard to like her. I guess I feel soory for myself about that. Dont I deserve someone that loves me LOL. I guess not. Who knows.

Then every day I sign on here with anticipation and then get disappointed cause I have no messages. LOL what do I expect. I rarely send messages out and I do know that these ladies get hundreds. The few I do send out are one liners. You get what you give. I guess I cant see the point in writing those long things. Then I dont blame em for not responding.

So who's fault is it? Mine of course. Feel free to kick me in the ass

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