I will keep on  

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11/1/2005 11:43 am

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I will keep on

I will not be dissuaded. Well great day today. First big accident on 80. Docs at 9 AM no way. I then return home and do battle with the woodpecker from hell. Fucking woodpecker is pecking my damn house. At first I thought it was the stupid rabbit, yes rabbit(3 dogs, a cat and a rabbit) rodent eats everything. Loves me too. I live in the smallest room in the house just avoid the person who cheated on me. Rabbit is always here. anyway, as i go under the desk to get the rabbit. I bust my head open on the desk. Of course I just shaved the head so this big fucking lump really stand out. But still I hear tap tap tap. I go outside and see its featherd ass hanging out of the side of my house. I chase it and smugly return to the puter in my pathetic quest to at least to get someone to meet me for coffee and Tap Tap Tap. Realizing I had to counter this threat I have devised a cunning plan.

I lean out my window with the broom, bang the side of the house and yell go away woodpecker. It seems to be effective.

My life is a sit com. But, I enjoy every minute of it.

I hope I gave u all a smile. Spread the word this guy didnt lie about his sense of humor

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