feb 25 06- the start of this weird thing  

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2/26/2006 12:11 am

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feb 25 06- the start of this weird thing

Ok guys this is a weird thing for me. I am going to start by letting you know how this all came about and you tell us what you thin and maybe you can help us with our lives.

To start it off we have been together for 7 years. Right now we live 50 miles apart. We are not young pups anymore and have settled into a bullshit routine. I have 4 kids one of which is with him(ok we need a name.. iron outlaw...this is what he will be called from here on out) she is the youngest. Then he has another one who is older (9) and lives in the same town as him. We are trying to get it to where we can live together and be a family again. Right now we are stuck with visits evey week or so. Today is the 11th day we have went without seeing one another. Guess what I am actually getting horny as hell. He is the one with the sex drive. After our last kid (making that 5 for us) i got fixed. That killed the sex drive. We used to have sex all the time. Now we have it maybe once in a blue green moon.

Well lately (this past week) I have been bad wanting it. So we have never really been into phone sex, however this week has made for a new start for us and hoepfully a new begnning. 3 nights ago I was dying, I wanted his dick so bad I could taste it. So I started messing with him and he has always been more comfortable about jacking off with me on the phone. So he started in. Well he talked me into going into the bedroom and getting my "rabbit" out (my vibrator he got me) and I was using it on myself while we had phone sex. Good lord I got off so hard I thought I was gonna pass out.

The following day was not a day for talking about it. It was a hard day for his family. So I was there for him more emotionally than anything. At least I tried to be.

However last night was another night for miss wet pants to start in again. I had to go to the bathroom this time because the baby (3 years) was still up watching T. V.. so I went to the bathroom and he was on the phone and we got to talking about how we used to fuck in front of people, a 3some we had with this girl, having people watch us again, and videoing us, and we had all kinds of ideas. That is where this idea came up. Look into finding a girl or a couple to watch us and maybe tape us and even watch each other fuck. We kind of tossed around ideas and then it got good. He let me know things he wanted to try and I let him in on a few of the things I had been thinking about also. There was another big explosion, right between my thighs. I got so wet and damn it tasted pretty good too.

I was shocked at how wet I got at the thought of someone watching me fuck the iron outlaw. I want to find someone to watch us and tell us what to do to each other and to basically direct us. I want to see them fucking themselves and just getting turned on as hell just watching us. I am not sure yet if I am ready to have someone else join us again. The only time we did that we had a girl that he had been attracted to for sometime, it was my first time with a woman, she sucked. Neither one of us got off but lord knows she did. We actually ended up kicking her out of bed and fucking each other just so we could get off. We actually decided then and there we would never do it again. I guess enough time has passed that we are getting curious again. However like I said I am not sure yet that we are ready to have someone join in. I know we want someone there and someone to watch, maybe that is why a couple would be good because they can start fucking and we can watch them too. I did have a hard time watching him kissing another woman. Maybe if it was just me and another girl and him only touching me or telling us what to do it wouldn't bother me as bad I don't know. I guess that is why we are here to see what is going on and if there really is someone out there that might fit into our ideas of what we are looking for.

So for those of you who have joined us thanks for stopping by and I will keep you updated. If you have any suggestions let me know. I can tell you this I will let you guys know the details of the next phone fucking we have. We are shooting for Monday for him to get here with us and that is when the real cum explosions are set for. I am ready to swallow all that he has to give. And I intend on making him work for it. I am going to make him lay back and take it. I am going to make him watch me play with my pussy until he can not sit there anymore. I will keep you posted. Till then keep the fucking up.

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