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Cousin_Norman 64M
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5/31/2006 6:49 pm

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6/2/2006 7:30 am

Knutty Juges

Over in England we have a saying "It could only happen in America"

"Kristine Cavaca, a Nebraskan judge had a fifty one year old, 5ft 1 inch adult man in front of her and judged that even though he had sexually molested a 13 year old girl by putting his fingers in her and thus penetrated her, was too short to go to prison.

What the fuck judicial system is that ???

Is this judge insane ??? What planet does she live on ???

"It could only happen in America" But it seems to happen far too often. There seems to be far too many nutty judges.

header1979 38M
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5/31/2006 9:19 pm

Hey Tony,

We are having a big problem with judges in the US because a lot have been appointed because of the politically ideology rather then their judicial competence.

The Nebraska Attorney General announced on TV that he is appealing the sentence. If he is successful, and appears that he will be, the case will be sent back for re-sentencing. It most likely will be sent back to the same judge but if previous cases are indication, she will give a sentence within the current guidelines, which in this case is ten years.

Nebraska just passed what is known in the US as "Jessica's Law" which has much tougher sentencing guidelines for pedophilia. The new law will require a minimum of 25 year sentence. The law will not go into effect until July 14, so this guy is going to get off easy with a ten year sentence.

At one of the demonstrations at the judge's court house, one of the kids held up a sign that said " I am too short to be sexually abused."

Under the Nebraska system, the judge was appointed by the state governor but must be reaffirmed by the voters every six years. This judge will be up for reaffirmation in 2008. There is nothing that can be done about her unless she commits a high crime or a misdemeanor.

Unlike most other countries, US states are sovereign entities with their own judiciary. That is why you see such a wide diversity in laws and how the judicial systems operate in the US. This would not have happened in Virginia which has some of the toughest laws and sentencing in the US. Virginia is not a good place to comit a crime.

I am actually surprised that our local news is carried in the UK.

phoenix639 50F

6/1/2006 3:45 am

I think you know how i feel over the Justice system, not only here but worldwide.

Many British Judges dont even know what day of the week it is never mind have the capacity to pass sentence. The British Justice system is out of the dark ages over many issues.

I try not to think too much about certain things as it really gets my goat & i get so worked up over it.

After my attacker was sentenced the Crown Prosceution put in a bid for compensation for me. It was refused the judges words were 'Miss J will get compensation from other scources....' In other words the Government charity of the Criminal Injuries Board. I was awarded £5000!! I had to wait over 2 years for it & sign a disclaimer to claim again for this injury. That was to say i see no other problems arising due to my injuries. If i hadnt i would of had to wait for many more years.

I desperately needed the money to buy a new car though as mine was written off & i couldnt claim on my insurance.

To privately proscecute id of had to pay a barrister out of my own pocket. Then theres no guarantee you will win or be awarded anything.

So i lost out all round.

It added insult to injury.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/1/2006 5:41 am

Hi Header,
It sounds very sensible that judges should have to put themselves before the voters every so often. You would think that would keep them in check. It seems to me though that all the nutty judges are Liberals, or am I mistaken ???

I don't think English TV covered this story. I get my American news from Fox thru satellite TV. I also get most of the other American news channels, but they seem to have a lefty bias. I know Fox leans to the right, but won't admit it. I consider myself to the centre and try to take all the news in and judge it as a human being and not with a political slant.

Jessica,s law is a great law, but I have noticed that some States have had to be pulled dragging and screaming before accepting it. I believe Our old friend "Teddy Chappawotsit Kennedy" was one of the villains who was holding up this law, because he wanted to add some amendments. He does not look out for the American people in my book, he see's everything in a blind fog of liberalism.

I really do like the point of voting for judges to be re- elected every six years, something which I would like to see in England.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/1/2006 5:57 am

I am reminded of the 1960's, when a high profile court case was going on in London. The Beatles were at the height of there fame and their names were mentioned in court. The judge said, "Who are The Beatles". This dinosaur must of been the only person in the Western world who had never heard of them. I know even today we have people like this on our benches who are out of touch with reality.

The experiences you have had to endure thru our legal system is typical of the rotten to the core way it works. You are blackmailed all the way thru. "Accept this or you will not get that" "Do this or that won't happen" It all stinks and should be completely overhauled.

phoenix639 50F

6/1/2006 8:13 am

I agree Tony & the innocent are always the ones who seem to be penalised more then the offender due to red tape.

My neighbours 3 year old son was placed on top of a car by a 16 year old lad a few weeks ago. Then the 16 year old & his mates walked off & left the little bot crying.

His mum was in the garden & new all these young lads as she has an older daughter. She saw her son on the car & helped him down. When she found out who had done it she went to the 16 year olds house to have a word with the mother.

As per usual the mother wasnt in...the 16 year old was a cocky shit so my neighbour thumped him one.

Three weeks later she was arrested, finger printed & charged with assault.

After lots of crap the 16 year old was laughing as nothing was done to him & my neighbour has been told to 'keep her nose clean for 5 years'.

If anyone touched my J id rearrange their fuckin face after id removed their balls. Id get satisfaction from that as justice wouldnt help J.

Im not a believer in vigilante...but i dont blame people who do it.

frassy_sass 55F

6/1/2006 8:17 am

I assure you in Texas his sentencing would be different.

They got little hands, little eyes
They walk around tellin' great big lies
They got little noses and tiny little teeth
They wear platform shoes on their nasty little feet

Well, don't want no short people
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'Round here!


header1979 38M
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6/1/2006 1:54 pm

Hey Tony,

The law that Ted Kennedy was holding up in the Senate was a law authorizing a national registry of sex offenders. At this time there are only state registries and not all states have them. It is very difficult to check all the state registries so a national registry appears to be of help for identifying sex offenders who cross state boundaries. At least two recent cases in which a sex offender killed a child, the sex offender had a record in another state that the state that he was in was unaware of. They had the killers in custody once for another offense but did not of the previous offense and let them go.

The Jessica laws are all state laws. Sounds like you are an O'Reilly Factor fan. I don't like to get into partisan political discussions on this website but I think most of the activist judges are left-wing liberals. We do not have a single central judicial system in the US. Each state has it's own judicial system and there is a federal judicial system as well. The federal judiciary is divided into circuits. The 9th circuit in California is an activist left wing circuit from which a lot of the crazy decisions in the US come from. Federal judges are appointed. It varies among the states as to whether judges in a state are elected or appointed. It is a crazy patch work quilt.

Speaking of FOX News, I get to see Greta Van Sustern regularly in the lobby of the building where FOX News is located. She is very small but a hot looking babe. A lot of my friends and colleagues have offices in that building.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/1/2006 4:14 pm

Thanks for your insight header, and yes I am an O'Reilly fan. I also watch Greta, Hanitty and Colmes, Brit Hulme, Neil Cavuto, The Beltway boys. I also think that Shep Smith did a fantastic job reporting from New Orleans after Katrina. I watch Fox more than any TV station that we have in England. I am always tuning in to see what the latest is on the Natalie Holloway saga. I think Greta covers that mystery brilliantly. I got hooked on American TV when I watched the O.J Simpson trial from start to finish, that must be going back about ten years now.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/1/2006 4:21 pm

Frassy, Sorry Honey I wasn't ignoring you, I just had to go and put a pair of specs on to read your writing. Don't want no short writing lol.

I am just jesting. Don't you be taking any offense.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/1/2006 4:44 pm

Phoe, Sorry I have done this arse about it.

I have lost count of the number of cocky teenagers that I have wanted to give a good talking too. They have no respect for anybody and I do blame their parents. I live in a rough area and we have our fair share of louts. I was a bit of a scoundrel myself as a kid, but I always had respect for my neighbours especially if they where older. ASBO'S are a good thing, but some councils are abusing it by giving elderly people Asbo's for feeding pigeons. That's an example of a perfectly good idea being used in the wrong circumstances by the wrong people.

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