Great Weather in the Pool.  

Cousin_Norman 64M
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6/10/2006 5:52 pm

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6/13/2006 6:43 pm

Great Weather in the Pool.

This is where I live. I took the photo today before the England game. The weather was so nice. We are not used to long periods of sunny weather in England, but when we do have it I love to get my camera out and take snapshots. This week has really been a hot one, but mark my words the heavens will open up soon and the torrential rain will come.

phoenix639 50F

6/11/2006 12:27 am

What a pretty house.

I love your door, im desperate for a new back door but i keep getting let down for someone fitting it. Pain in the arse some people are.

Still waiting for a so called mate to fix my roof....weve done each other favours for years & its been me helping him out& nothing in return.

If i didnt mind ladders id go up & do it myself as its only the damn end clips in the tiles.....the noise when its windy is horrendous. Imagine the noise when you blow into a glass bottle X 50. I have to wear earplugs.

phoenix639 50F

6/11/2006 11:53 am

Forgot to say you can tell you live in Liverpool with your bright purple wheelie bin lmao. Sexy colour arent they.

phoenix639 50F

6/13/2006 2:28 am

SSS June is usually really nice along with all of our summer months. But the last few years we have had one 12 month long season rather than 4 very separate ones.

When J was born the weather was superb all through may & june & even through july, aug sept....i remember it clearly.

The year before last when i was away in Crete which was in August England was severly flooded in many part due to adverse weather conditions. Still hose pipe bans on though!!

Our weather is pretty much like in New Jersey for a comparrison. Its just when it rains sometimes the clouds seem to forget to stop.

Where Tony & I live...were not too far apart you see....we do get good weather & are not in 'danger zones' for flooding or adverse conditions. Liverpool gets a wonderful breeze though off the coast.

If youre gonna come to Britain...get your arse over for my meet & greet on 22 july....

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/13/2006 5:51 am


Yes they are few and far between. I love Liverpool, but if I had one wish, it would be to change the climate. I feel so much healthier and happy within myself when I have a bronzie.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/13/2006 6:03 am


You have eyes like a shit house rat. pmsl. I did not even notice my wheelie bin in the photo.

Sounds like you have fair weather mates. I have known people like that in the past. They are called users.

Like your tan. It's very fetching.

Meet and greet??? First I have heard of this. I shall have to check your blog out.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/13/2006 6:15 am


It is pretty unusual to have really hot weather at any time in England. As I write this the hot spell is now over and we are waiting for the rains. From past experience I would say we are going to get monsoon like conditions for the next few days. [OK I exagerate a little]. People in the south of England normally have the warmer weather. Hence the drought that Phoe was talking about. I have heard that the southerners want a national grid water system, So that they can take some of our water from us. Now that's not fair is it???lol

phoenix639 50F

6/13/2006 8:33 am

Tony, no doubt you have seen the meet & greet date & info now. Feel free to pop along. I know fitbloke is going for sure & i will be too.

I told fitbloke to bring some lady friends too...he pissed himself laughing.

I told fitbloke i have a fear it will end up just him & I so he said he would take me the pier to the chippy!!! Wigan pier doesnt have a chippy lmao. I am defo gonna make him buy me some chips though.

Im hoping Meli will be able to pop up too that weekend as shes coming to London & said she will come to the meet & greet if shes here that weekend.

Now fitloke & I have decided its a fancy dress of bin bags & orange twine...then we will know all who are from AdultFriendFinder. Nice dress code lol. remember it is not a kilt so underwear must be worn. Or i will take photos & paste them on AdultFriendFinder. Mind you the world has seen your willie anyway.

Seriously though, if you wish to come id be happy to meet you there.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/13/2006 1:43 pm

Hate to be a spoilsport Phoe, I will meet you and the other guys for a few beers, but no bin bags for me. I mean I can just imagine turning up in a bin bag and everybody else turns up in normal gear.

phoenix639 50F

6/13/2006 2:37 pm

Tony, that was the idea lmao.

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