A new hobby.  

Cousin_Norman 64M
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6/18/2006 8:08 am

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6/19/2006 1:50 pm

A new hobby.

As I have got older, I am not able to participate in all the sports that I used to do. I have found that I have had to look for new hobbies, in keeping with my age.

My new hobby is learning to play acoustic guitar. I went to a music store on Smithdown Road Liverpool last week and bought myself a Fender Semi-acoustic .

I have learned to pay all the Major chords, but the F is very difficult and that is the only chord I am having problems with. I will master it though.

I am also practicing the minor chords, 7ths and the Am pentatonic scale at various positions on the fretboard.

The tips of my fingers on my left hand are very sore, but I can feel the skin becoming a lot tougher.

I said to the young lad in the store, that I thought I was a bit old to start to learn to play guitar. He said, "You are never to old".

Anyway I am really enjoying the experience practicing in the evenings for an hour or two. It keeps me off the computer, and you know what??? It makes me feel happier.

phoenix639 50F

6/18/2006 1:23 pm

Doing what makes you happy is what matters.

Plus it keeps you out of trouble lol.

Just think if we all run out of money in July you can sit on a corner & strum for us. Play Barbie Girl & fitbloke & I can sing & dance to it. They will pay us hundreds...to go away lol.

I used to love writing free verse until my ex laughed at it & i lost my confidence in any capability of my writing skils (or lack of).

I do still write, but for myself. Not many new that (they do now).

My ex was actually a musician in a local band & he played bass guitar. He had lovely hands too, very long slender fingers. He had a natural ear for music. Its about all he was good at to be honest.

It was so relaxing sitting outside on a summer evening listening to him play.

Go for it & keep it up. Music should be played from the soul.

Cousin_Norman 64M

6/19/2006 1:50 pm


I have long fingers too. Somebody once told me that I should of been a piano player. I told them I was happy playing the fiddle. lol. Don't groan. I,ll do it first lol. Still tell bad jokes don't I ???.

I always get great lyrics and tunes in my head when I am going to sleep, but when I wake up I can never remember them. I must write them down in the future.

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