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stuff about me

If you can't read my profile, I posted it on my blog ^_^ please leave comments

About me...

I'm a cute, but not sociable and tend to be shy around new people. Though, once I get to know you or someone... I'm open and sometimes I'm closed for no reason, that's the way I am. ^_^ I'm average, I do not smoke and I'm a very light drinker, I work at a very kool Company, I would like to go into Real Estate someday. I'm into Sci/Fi shows and movies. I Love Japanese Anime sub or dub, Music I like are Tatu, System of the Down, Otep, Switchblade Symphony, BOA, Enomine, Evanescence, Kitty, Snake River Conspiracy and alot more. Also I like Cars and Motorcycles. I own and drive the new Hyundia Accent /5. I also like Gothic stuff like Vampires, Music/Movies, Clothing and More. Thats about it! Please read my profile its somewhat funny , thanks and thanks again for checking me out! Local Friend or friends Wanted!!! I'm still a virgin! I'm Cute & Sexy, Love Anime, Gothic/Vampires, Sci-Fi Geek! I normally wear a black t-shirt with blue jeans.

My Ideal Person:
I'm seeking for a friend/friends between the ages of 18-34 in or near Polk County, Florida, The things I'm looking for in a girl, ladies or couple are: honesty, a good sense of being good & evil, can be fun, I want friends to hangout with, like go to the mall, movies, relaxing around the house, *wink* playing around in bed *meow* and stuff like that. Someone I can trust, talk about anything, do anything fun, likes small parties, sleepovers, and try new things. Basically what I want friend/s with benefits... *meow* Safe Sex is a must and we all must be tested First before doing so!!!

My perception of an ideal relationship is just being friends. What else should i say?. Oh and I'm not looking to settle down with anyone... Im not ready yet, more likely in my late 30s. ^_^

What I have learned from my past relationships are Never fall in love, love is over rated and people break your heart for no reason. I say just have fun with your life... be young for a change and do what you want to do. Because you only live once and that's it!!!! I want to explore life and have fun while I'm still young ^_^

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