Shaved, Trimmed, or Hairy  

CottonCandy60626 48F
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6/4/2006 10:42 am

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10/13/2006 1:31 am

Shaved, Trimmed, or Hairy

Men, do you like women who have their pussy shaved, trimmed or hairy?
Women, do you like your man's balls to be shaved smooth or hairy?

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6/4/2006 11:55 am

I like men the way they are, but I like women shaved. Weird, huh?

wreckerman343 48M
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6/4/2006 11:56 am

well i like the ladies to be either shaved (prefered) or trimed

timberwolf6972 45M

6/4/2006 1:08 pm

I like it either trimmed or natural, preferably natural. I think that shaved stuff just looks strange.

puntachueca 107M

6/4/2006 1:14 pm

I just like being in close contact with pussy, shaved, trimmed, or otherwise.

rm_caymanBBW26 38F
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6/4/2006 2:05 pm

I like men as they are except when they too hairy! LOL! I aint a cat so I dont want hairballs! LOL!

ShaneLiveLife 52M

6/4/2006 2:23 pm

If she gives you a choice - shaved every time or at least heavily (I mean heavily) trimmed.

If I can make the effort to trim everything down under then she should to !

The natural look is an absolute turn off.

I'm intrigued to hear more opinions from women about your other question

Live with passion !

LilSquirt_4mfm 68M/69F
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6/4/2006 2:35 pm

Hiya Cotton

It is a sex partner's WOMANness or MANness (partially personified by their "adult" fur) that turns us on sexually ........ GIRLness and BOYness being huge turnoffs.

Well, for us, ..... we cannot understand why anyone would ever want their playmate to resemble a "lil girl" or "lil boy".

In fact, I am led to question motives and mentality behind anyone who prefers the "child look" ... hmmmmmmm.

Certainly, he or she are a big turnoff, not just because of the lack of adultness, BUT also fear of what might be buried deep within their mind.

Give me a Real MAN!!!! ....... or Real WOMAN!!! (physically and emotionally)

♥§ΩuirT♥er & MFM Tail§

I will confess that I do like my mate to shave his sack, as I love to lick it and hair there does take from the feeling ......however, as I've never seen hair on a cock, or inside pussylips, or on a clit, that element or "excuse" (for reasons i dont want to know) does not apply anywhere else.

howaboutahuck 67M
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6/5/2006 5:26 am

Well I'm shaved., so I like shaved or trimed better

Fletch8491 51M

6/5/2006 6:46 am

I guess I don't have a real strong preference having not put much thought into it before. I have been with more women that were either natural or trimmed, but with too many that have been shaved, so I guess I am still a bit of a neophyte when it comes to the shaved women. I would say that my main preferences revolve more around good general hygiene than anything else. I just enjoy a woman that takes care of herself.

FineButLonely2 43M

6/7/2006 9:44 am

I like it when a woman is shaved really short and I love it when they are bald down there.It's more pleasurable for me when I please them orally.

PleasurePoleLick 57M

6/7/2006 9:42 pm

Trimmed or smooth ,I do not care for stubble.

PleasurePoleLick 57M

6/7/2006 9:50 pm

It's not that I'm going for that look as squirt says as much as the feel.And I do not like anything from interrupting my tongue and lips.
But seeing it manicured in such a way does lead to believe she enjoys oral as much as I.

bodysculpter2 60M

6/15/2006 1:17 am

I Like a Woman who keeps herself Shaved and neatly trimmed in certain areas..after all....who likes hair in thier soup. LOL... as for myself....I keep myself shave in most plces and very trimmed in others. I'll send you a pic some day Hun

rm_Overdue65 52M

6/21/2006 8:29 am

I like easy access, so shaved/waxed (Brazilian) is best, followed by trimming. I think part of the thrill of shaved/waxed is the knowledge that the woman is confident and sexual enough to take that step. When you first slide your hand down there and find it smooth - good stuff!!

rm_beaconseeker 56M

7/20/2006 12:25 pm

shaved is only relevant when a woman is wearing something so "small", and it being small / revealing is what is such a turn on, that they choose to be bare. Once shaved, it takes effort to keep up, just as I have to shave each day. I was told it was uncomfortable for her initially while growing back and I could certainly tell I was meeting some discomfort when pushing into "stubble" until it grew back far enough.

JetDoc67 50M

8/28/2006 5:33 am

I prefer that a woman be shaved, but trimmed is fine by me as long as its clean and neat.

ozzie_dreamer 66M

10/4/2006 2:26 pm

While I enjoy all three...must admit i find it very erotic to do the shaving....and the taste test afterwards..

braindamage70 48M

10/11/2006 1:50 pm

For me the natural look is a big turn on, there's something about a pussy with some hair on it that sends my blood rushing all over my body like ants at rush hour.. there's nothing like sliding my hand down there and feeling a nice paddy kitty and gently pulling the hair upward with 4 fingers...trimmed is nice too, helps with the muff-diving.. but shaved just does not do it for me. I call it the yo-yo look, not a pretty sight...also the darker the hair color the better,red haired pussy is also a turn on.. Black and Hispanic females have the darkest pubics,, yummy

LittleTeapot888 59F
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6/9/2007 8:03 am

Personally, I like to be shaved. Not only is it more sensative for me, but the men need not forage for their 'tea'. *grin*

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