One more verse  

Corqer32 44M
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3/29/2006 3:47 pm
One more verse

A bit of lyrical 69 - yeah, my thoughts were there all day!

Supine above me, form revealed
Hips to my eager mouth descend.
Her flesh blazes on mine, lust unconcealed
Breasts' soft mass upon my belly rests.
Deeply, I inhale, breathe her in
Draw her nearer, feel her breath on me,
Reach my tongue to taste her again,
Lips engulf me, twice. The pleasure rises.
Softly, surely, I seek her center,
Her velvet lips stroke over my length
Boldly forward my tongue enters
Tasting deeply
Dancing lightly.
My lips encircle, suck her 'twixt them,
Tongue caresses. I hear her sigh.
Feel her mouth grow more insistent -
Upwards, downwards, humming, swirling...
Now she moves, as deep within her
Building, burning, passion's flame,
Rushing, careening through the nerves.
Grinding deeper onto me. I feel her moan
Through the crashing waves of feeling.
Frantically, she sucks me in -
Charged, unbound, senses reeling,
Pressure building to explode.
My lips, my tongue dance faster
As I feel myself erupt.
Her hips buck, she cannot last
Head arched back, I hear her cry.
Hungrily, I drink of her dew,
Pleasure's taste hot on my lips.
Boldly, she mouths me too,
Seeking each final taste.

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