Lust unleashed  

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Lust unleashed

My first impression is vivid ‒ she exits her car and walks toward me. I can’t see much of her figure wrapped within a sweatshirt, but her legs are framed wonderfully in a shape-hugging pair of jeans and the jaunty sway of her hips as she walks speaks of sensuous confidence. My eyes, however, are captured and held by her face, especially her smile. Instantly I feel at ease with this lovely woman, and as I invite her in, my nose is greeted by a most wondrous fragrance of fruit and spice that seems to hover about her. Instantly, I find myself enraptured. Her voice is smooth and filled with laughter and I know this evening will not be nearly long enough.

We sit together for a while, making small talk and I watch as she lounges back along the bed, her breasts jutting upward temptingly beneath a simple t-shirt. Her eyes dance merrily and I can see mischief, temptation, lust and passion within their cocoa depths. My mind is awash in senses ‒ the beauty before me, the lilting note of her laughter, the intoxicating fragrance she is wearing. Her every move beckons me and it is all I can do to muster up the wherewithal to suggest dinner, knowing we are both hungry (in many ways) and will need the energy. As we walk to the room’s door, I cannot control myself any longer ‒ I take her gently by the hips and turn to her to me, bending down slightly to taste of her kiss. Her lips, full and soft, meet mine and instantly I feel a fire that has been smoldering explode into a full conflagration. Her tongue dances with mine and I feel myself falling downwards into a well of pleasure as warmth grows at my lips and spreads throughout my whole body. Reluctantly, I break the kiss, but steal one more before we actually make our way to dinner.

Throughout the meal, I marvel at this beauty with me ‒ not only is she lovely and easy to be with, but her mind is fascinating. She is quick with her wit, laughs easily and exudes a powerful sexual energy that leaves me charged, relishing each contact as her feet brush against my leg under the table. I cannot believe how at ease I feel in her company and rue the fact that our corner of the restaurant is fast becoming occupied, as thoughts of sliding next to her on the seat and stealing yet another kiss or of tracing my fingertips over the smooth, tanned line of her face and neck torment me. I cannot eat fast enough, longing to return to the room.

As we walk back, I wrap my arm about her shoulder, pleased with how close she snuggles into me, feeling her body move beneath my touch. We re-enter the room and chat a bit more and with each passing minute I feel both more at ease and more eager. I can stand it no longer and remind her of a promised backrub. Without a second thought, she takes a seat before me and I reach again to her hips, snuggling her ass back against my crotch, breathing deep of her scent and tentatively reaching forward to being rubbing her shoulders. Her skin, a lovely deep tan, feels as if it were made of velvet, so soft beneath my questing fingers. Drunk with anticipation, lean forward and brush my cheek along her neck, exhaling gently over her flesh and hearing her moan. I purse my lips and kiss along her neck and collarbone, feeling her push back against me, hips starting to move slightly.

“I didn’t know this came with the backrub” she exhales throatily.

I am too entranced to respond, continuing my oral explorations as my hands roam up her sides, over her magnificent breasts and along the skin of her neck and face, pulling her back against me, feeling her press against my growing erection. I long to remove her shirt and continue my trail of kisses along her shoulders and back, to taste of this wondrous woman before me. Soon, I am rewarded as she utters another excited moan and spins about, drawing my face to hers and locking me into another passionate kiss that electrifies me. Swiftly, her shirt is gone and I push her back to the bed, admiring the swell of each breast barely hidden beneath a simple black bra. Her tanned skin is exotic and soft and my eyes drink in every detail, from the fire burning in her own eyes to the racing pulse at her neck to the undulation of her hips against mine. I lean forward and press my lips to hers again, breaking the kiss only long enough to kiss my way down her neck again, cupping her breasts in my hands and rolling my thumbs over her rock-hard nipples through the soft fabric. Soon we are both unclothed, slowly exploring each newly revealed area of each other’s body. My lips covet her breasts, eliciting more eager moans and occasional exhortations of “oh fuck!” from her. I can feel her growing excitement, switching from vigorous oral attention and fondling to gently tracing every part of her body with my fingertips, feather-light, memorizing ever nuance and curve. I want to lock these moments into my mind, as I have already reached heights of pleasure as yet not experienced and we have not ever begun to truly please each other. Feeling the growing heat from her mound, I remove her panties, the last article of clothing, and bend my head to taste of her. Her shaved pussy thrills me and as I taste her for the first time, I know that I will never get enough.

My tongue dances over her clit as my hands grasp her hips, pulling her sweet pussy tighter to my lips. She moans, swears and writhes beneath me, her eyes closing like a cats’ into a sort of half-open state as pleasure floods through her. I feel her back arch and her hips buck wildly off the bed, but I refuse to pull away, continuing to drink in her excitement as she cries out, orgasming on my tongue. Slowly, she eases back down, muscles twitching with sensation as the aftereffects of the orgasm wash through her. Again, she pulls me up to a frantic, passionate kiss and I feel her hand encircle my cock. She strokes me vigorously, bringing me to swift hardness, and it is all I can to raise my head to give her another kiss as she strokes me over her wet opening, teasing the head of my cock with heat and friction. I cannot control my own hips and I feel myself eagerly thrusting into her ‒ she guides me in with her hand and gasps as I fill her. I cannot think ‒ my mind is overwhelmed by the wet fire that now envelops me. She is so tight and encases my whole length, hips writhing beneath me, milking me with her whole pelvis. Sweat coats our bodies as we press together, my teeth gritted at the overwhelming sensation as she proceeds to fuck me and I her. All control lost, I slam into her, groaning aloud and burying my face in her shoulder as my own orgasm overtakes me. I feel my hot cum spray deep inside her, urged on by her whispered comments and cries of “oh fuck! Fuck me!” Even after I have spent every drop, she continues to urge me to thrust more, and I willingly comply, letting the aftereffects of the orgasm blend with the continued moist friction, rendering my every nerve senseless.

Slowly we pull apart and I roll over to lie beside her, staring at this beauty as though I could forever burn her visage into my mind. My fingers trace her body, circling her nipples, stroking her cheek, cupping her mound and I close my eyes, willing my senses to record every image, every sensation. Laughter surrounds us, blending with the warm glow of sexual fulfillment, as we talk and laugh together. Still, I cannot believe that this beauty is in my bed ‒ she has given me sensations of such overwhelming magnitude that I know I shall never experience them again, lest it be with her. Again, I feel the urge to please her ‒ I must taste more of her, for I do not want to waste a moment of our brief time together. I bend my head again to her dripping wetness, thrilling at the tastes of our combined pleasure there. Soon, she is again bucking beneath me, her gorgeous curves writhing as sensations overwhelms her a second time until she can take no more and manages to gasp out for me to stop. I move above her again, my erection growing once more with my own excitement.

“I believe you said something about liking being on top,” I suggest with a wry grin, longing to feel her riding me. Even as I speak, she is again rubbing my cock over her pussy lips, her eyes alight with passion and lust. I bend my head to her breasts as she guides me into her again, using all my will to hold my hips still as she moves against me. It is no use ‒ I have to fuck this woman, I have to push myself as deeply as possible. Her nails rake my back in unexpected pain which only heightens my excitement.

“Lie back!” she commands and I swiftly obey. Her eyes are locked on mine as she straddles me and with one swift motion, slides down over me, groaning at the fullness inside her even as my own eyes roll back as I am overwhelmed. If anything, she is hotter and tighter now than before, and she begins to rock her hips back and forth, letting me savor the wetness of our joining, our pubic bones meeting with each stroke, causing her to flutter her eyes in pleasure. Gradually she moves faster ‒ I reach for her breasts, feeling their heaviness fill my hands until I feel myself drawing closer. My hands dart again to her soft, curvy hips and I find my hips thrusting rapidly up to meet her every downward motion, faster and faster until the bed is vibrating with our coupling. Slowly, orgasm builds within me ‒ I can sense it coming on as though from afar, a gradually growing tidal wave that I welcome with open arms as I drive my cock up inside her. Her wild exhortations urge me on and I feel her teeth on my neck as her own frenzy builds ‒ I cannot tell if she is cumming as well, but before I can form the thought, my own orgasm breaks over me, drowning me in pure pleasure, every part of me alight and blazing like a star.

Eventually, our thrusts slow and we collapse together, her breasts against my chest forming twin points of flame where her nipples graze my flesh. Her head lies softly upon my shoulder and I wrap my arms about her, trying to draw her into me, unwilling to ever let go. Reluctantly, I parted from her, watching her lovely form sway as she walked to her car, longing to call her back, to ignore the reality which constrains each of us that we might repeat our animalistic, intense sexual games again and again.

Though our time soon came to an end, every single sensation remains with me still, and always shall. This lovely, dark-skinned, full-breasted, merry-eyed beauty achieved what no other has, or I think ever shall, taking me to heights of orgasmic bliss that I have never tasted, letting me please her and in turn, fucking me with the wild untamed passion of lust unleashed. If it were not for waking up to the heady scent of sex and ginger this morn, I would believe the whole experience to be a fevered dream. Even now, as I think over each delicious second, I find myself again growing erect, craving to bury myself in her tight pussy or to taste her again.

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4/1/2006 7:30 pm

Wow! This was great! I'll have to stop into your blog more often.

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4/1/2006 7:44 pm

Amazing writing sweetie!! You make it sound like I was right there in the room with you....

sweetcheeks9373 44F

4/1/2006 10:55 pm

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great story.

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