Lonely, bored and lusting  

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3/25/2006 10:15 am

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Lonely, bored and lusting

Sometimes lengthy deprivation leaves you utterly drained of any desire. With it being so long since I've had sex (let's see...19...no, 24..no...26 months? Something obscene like that), I should think that any semblance of hormones would be drained out just from boredom and lack of use. And yet, within the past month or so, I've been researching BDSM some (fascinating book called "Screw The Roses, Give Me The Thorns!" ) and fantasizing about that to a degree - the whole psychological power play and control thing is wonderfully erotic, as is the thought of existing solely to please someone else - yeah, that would be as the dominant! I love giving pleasure. I'd love it more if I knew that a mix of control, fear, pain, pleasure and extreme senses was making the lady take off like a rocket!

There's a lady I've been chatting with whom I'd like nothing more than to please - commence with a simple massage that slowly transitions to erotic body rubbing, followed by going down on her lingeringly and slowly until she's unable to stand any more pleasure. I don't even necessarily want anythig for me out of that. Just to experience her body up close and intimately, worship her through pleasure, and leave her satiated, exhausted and happy.

On the other hand, I'm not adverse to pleasure coming to me either. Now, I'll tell you that I love a good blowjob as much as any guy - I'd be surprised to find one who does't. And now, after these chats, I find myself dremaing of sponataneous oral pleasure for no reason other than to do it. All of this adds up to some massive frustration given that I'm A) isolated while attending training and B ) knowing I won't live any of this out at home since my wife isn't interested and few of the ladies I've attempted contact with here have responded, and those that have don't seen to be in a place or willingness to meet up (with a few excpetions). I don't know why this is - I know some aren't real - phishing schemes to draw men to pay porn sites. Some are real and are probably turned off by my married status (at least I'm honest about that). Some...well, I don't know what the heck the rest of the issues are. I'm a bit frustrated, yes, and I shouldn't be angry or upset about it. Dont' suppose I can blame the hormones? Still, right now, I'd love to just find myself in a position for random, wonderful sexual pleasure with one or more of the lovely ladies I've seen here solely for the sake of making her/them feel wonderful and maybe doing a bit of that myself. *Sigh* Is it so wrong to crave release?

KitenWithAWhip 38F

3/25/2006 11:40 am

TAG! You have to list 6 wierd/ habits or oddities about yourself and tag 6 others.

Corqer32 44M

3/25/2006 5:26 pm

6 wierd habits, eh? Well, let's see - for stress relief, I like to put on full armor and go swordfighting. I'm known to sing as loud as possible in the truck while driving, especially when parked at a light next to someone and with windows down. I like gardening. I sometimes wake up wondering if I'm a wolf. I talk to falcons. I spend a fair chunk of my free time assembling and painting little figures for wargames. How's that?

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