Just a simple desire  

Corqer32 44M
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7/24/2006 1:02 pm
Just a simple desire

Yep - been a long dry spell. I must admit, for a fan of the female figure such as me, Colorado is turning out to be a paradise, even more than Florida. I love the motion of women's breasts - not so much the curve or shape, but the gentle undulation. Hard to put it exactly in words, but yes, I'm a breast man. And here, I'm finding plenty for my eyes to feast on and my fantasies to be fuelled. Unfortunately, that's all I've got at this point - dreams and fantasies. The home bedroom is very, very dead - sleeping and reading, but certainly no touching.

Ladies, I have to ask, and I hope I'm not sounding too mysogonistic when I do - is it that wrong that a guy might hope for a bit of no-strings pleasure? By way of example - I love giving oral. I can go down on a woman until she can't take the sensation any more. I love it. Sometimes, though, I'd like the same in return, without demand for an equal return orgasm. I've hinted at, spoken of, and directly asked for this from my wife - I know there are many times when she's not in the mood for a lengthy session (hell, of late, ANY session) but I still crave release. I suppose I always have my hands, but I fail to see why it is that I can't elaborate my desire to her and receive pleasure in return sans obligation. It's not like it's something I ask for often - at this point, I've given up all hope of asking for or talking about sex with her - in the past year (plus) it's done nothing but bring up fights at worst or at best, comments on how tiring it is to raise boys and run a house and how she just can't take any more demands for her attention.

By contrast, some nights I'd love nothing more than to caress her all over, go down on her until she cums hard, and then wrap her in my arms and let her drift off to sleep in the afterglow - nothing for me but hte pleasure of pleasing her. Most nights, in fact, I dream of being able to do this. No go there either - so it's not just me whining about not getting any. I can't even GIVE any right now.

Thus, I drift through my matches here hoping to find some outlet for this desire, this pleasure, this need - some outlet beyond my own hand, that is. Yeah, it's an afternoon whine-fest for me I guess, but damn, I could use some unfettered time with a willing woman who would let me please her, touch her, lick her, kiss her - EXPERIENCE her simply for the sake of both our pleasure.

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