Great 4 Day Break  

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6/19/2006 8:09 am

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Great 4 Day Break

After my letter and the photographs of my wife, Jackie of Cornwall, appeared in Escort under the title 'Cornwall Cum Queen' we received a stack of letters which we both enjoyed reading and many of them turned us on so much that we had to have a fuck before we could continue reading.

One of the letters came from Minehead Somerset, where we were going to on holiday, and was from a young bloke name Ian who said he would like to photograph Jackie if we were ever in the area and that he was not very experienced and would not expect to fuck her, only take photographs.

We contacted Ian and arranged to meet him by the entrance to the Butlins Camp, which we did shortly after our arrival. Jackie had traveled up wearing just a dress which buttoned all the way down the front and had left it wide open so that she could flash her shaven cunt at me as I drove, one or two lorry drivers must have got an eyeful as we passed them.

She was still wearing the dress undone under her coat when we met Ian who we had told to bring his camera as Jackie wanted him to photograph her flashing on the sea front at Minehead, the three of us walked along to the back of the holiday Centre where Jackie held her coat and dress wide open so that Ian could see her large tits and shaven twat, Ian's expression proved he was inexperienced but we could tell that Jackie had certainly aroused him but he managed to take a couple of photos.

We returned to Ian's flat where he set up his equipment and Jackie took off what little she was wearing and reclined on the bed so that Ian could take his photographs. After one or two shots Ian went over to Jackie to arrange her pose and in moving her arm his hand 'accidentally' brushed against her tits, Jane pretended not to notice but from the look she gave me I could tell that she would soon be fucking Ian. Soon Ian approached Jackie to rearrange the position of her leg and this time he 'accidentally' brushed against her glistening gash. Jackie then reached out and put her hand on the bulge which had appeared in the front of Ian's jeans, he was startled but did not move as she undid his zip and pulled his erect cock out and started to suck it as hard as she could and it was not long before he groaned as he started to cum, quickly Jackie pulled his dick out of her mouth and let his juice shoot all over her tits.

She then cupped her ample tits in her hands and licked them clean of the copious amount of spunk that Ian had produced. While she was doing this Ian and myself had removed our clothes, photography was long forgotten, and climbed on to the bed with Jackie where she lay on her side and let Ian slide his now erect cock up into her soaking wet cunt, I then lay behind her and slid my prick into her along with Ian's dick and we both started to ride her at the same time. Soon Jackie was shouting for more as we both pushed our swollen cocks up her eager cunt and first Ian shot his load into her and I soon followed as I felt his spunk explode into Jackie's throbbing hole.

After this we lay back to recover but it was not long before Jackie took my cock in one hand and Ian's in the other and started to rub them up into life again, a few minutes later we were raring to go again and I knelt at the top of the bed, reached down and grabbed Jackie's ankles and pulled here legs above her head and spread them apart so that her spunk dripping crack was wide open for Ian to stick his stiff prick up her. He started to ram his cock in and out and Jackie started to moan and soon I needed to put my rampant weapon into her so I released her legs and stuck my cock into her mouth. As Ian rammed away my cock slid deep into Jackies's throat and it was a wonder she did not choke as my engorged cock went in as far as it could. Shortly Ian groaned withdrew his cock and showered Jackie's body with a huge amount of his spunk, seeing this I felt my climax coming, took my dick from her mouth and let my cum splash over her tits and face.

Still Jackie was not satisfied and said that we had both been very naughty taking our pricks out of her before she came and that we would have to lick our cum off her, we obediently obeyed her and licked her clean. When she was satisfied with our efforts she told Ian to lie on his back slid her wet cunt down on to his erect prick and then lay face down on top of him. Her ample tits were squashed against Ian's chest and as I watched her arse moving up and down as Ian's cock slid in and out of her widely stretched cunt my prick became rock hard again. Soon I could wait no longer and lay on top of Jackie; feeling me slide my dick into her arse hole she started to move faster and soon the three of us were fucking as if our lives depended on it. After a few minutes Jackie shouted out and we both felt our cocks gripped by her cunt and arse as she reached a shuddering climax, closely followed by Ian and me as we let our spunk flood into both her holes.

Exhausted we all lay on the bed and planned what we would do for the rest of our holiday. Needless to say it included Jackie doing a lot of flashing outside for the camera and a huge amount of fucking. Since this holiday we have taken a lot of photos of Jackie flashing in public and look forward to our next meeting with a photographer.

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