Girls Night Out  

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6/18/2006 6:55 am
Girls Night Out

We recently had a girls night out from the office where I work and headed into town to hit the bars and clubs. There were 5 of us, one of whom was a new girl who only joined the company a couple of weeks ago. She moved down from the North and left her husband up there until she's settled down and he can join her. She is 22, auburn hair, about 5'5'' and very slim.

I was feeling a bit sorry for her as she seemed quite lonely so we sort of palled up during the evening and danced quite a lot together. We did have to fight off quite a few advances from drunken blokes who wanted to but in, but she seemed to want to keep it just the two of us.

By about midnight the other 3 girls decided to go and so that just left us dancing around our handbags. As we had more to drink she began to tell me how lonely she was without her husband and was looking forward to having him with her. She started to cry a little and so it seemed natural to put my arm around her. We were sitting in a quiet corner of the club and she sort of melted into me as I cuddled her.

I suggested we should have one last dance before we left and fortunately it was a slow smoochy number. Well you couldn't have got a sheet of paper between us as we danced, her arms were round me and mine round her and our hips were tight together and at the end of the dance it was natural that we should kiss and I was surprised that she opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was quite embarrasing as we realised that the music had stopped and we were alone in the middle of the floor, but no one seemed to bother.

We managed to get a taxi which we shared as she lives not too far away from me. As we sat in the back seat we continued to hold each other and kiss. I could see the driver adjust his mirror to get a better look but she seemed oblivious. I was getting quite turned on by this time, even more so when she moved her right hand onto my breast and began to rub my nipple. I was wearing a silk blouse and she managed to unbutton a couple of buttons and slid her hand inside. I was really hot so moved my hand to her leg and slid it up under her skirt. She gasped a little as I found her mound and moved her legs apart to let my finger slip into her very wet pussy.

Between us we managed to unfasten my jeans and slide them down to my knees. She moved her hand to my panties and slipped her finger past them and into my cunt. There we were in the back seat of the taxi both with our legs wide apart fingering each other for all we were worth. The driver could hardly keep his eyes on the road and I noticed that he only had one hand on the wheel and the other was in his lap!

As we arrived at my house we managed to get dressed. The driver refused to take any fare from us and offered to come in with us, but I refused his offer as we had better things to finish off and didn't need any man to help us!

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