Bloggers of the world we are being recognised !!!!  

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1/14/2006 11:54 am

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Bloggers of the world we are being recognised !!!!

Was reading through one of the tabloids during the week and came across an article on blogging.
Thought i would share some of what it said with you all. There are 85,000 blogs a day created in the world thats about 1 every second. There has even been a blog language created.

Bleg- to use your blog to beg for help or money

Blogerati- the blog universe or blogosphere

Blogstipation- a blog writers block

Blurker- someone who reads your blog but doesn't comment on it.
I thought it was a cool atricle. Has anyone come across any other blog language anywhere. Don't be a blurker guys post a comment go on !!!!

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