Female Erogenous Zones  

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3/30/2006 8:17 am

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Female Erogenous Zones

Hi all: Thursday 30th March 5:15pm

Well I can't believe its Thursday already and very nearly the end of March!!. My mind today has
wondered on to that wonderful topic of female erogenous zones. I was reading an article on "ears" .

The experts comment:

Bundles of nerve endings are in and around the ears, making them ultra-sensitive to your touch.
Use the pads of your index finger and thumb to massage the outer ears with slow, firm movements. Gently squeeze the earlobes.
Explore the area behind the ear with your lips and tongue, and then exhale deeply but gently while you keep nibbling.
Don't be shy about making noise while you're lingering there, the sound of your breath and moans is a huge turn-on for most women.
Make sure to remember there is a fine line between sensual ear play and “wet willies”.
Very few women enjoy having someone's tongue jammed down their ears!

So girls, do you believe this would work for you?

Other updates: I'm in high spirits today. I've just started back on my fitness regime having had a few months
break. My energy levels are up!!

I'm off out tonight, unfortunately not on a sexy encounter, just keeping in touch with
one of my mates who I'm going to be best man for when he gets married in August 2006.

Still should be a good night, more poker!!! fast food and copious amounts of cider!

Christ what was I saying about high energy levels.....LOL...I'm sure they'll have evaporated come work tomorrow morning.

Still you can't go through life just living for the weekends!!!

Right must dash,
Ice to you people

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