Application for a piece of Ass (Joke)  

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Application for a piece of Ass (Joke)


Accepted_______Denied________Tested for STD______
(Office use only, do not answer)

Application for a piece of Ass

Name:___________________________ Age:______ Phone#:___________
Social Security:_Yes or No__ Address:____________________________
Hair Color:__________ Real or Color Treated:____Yes or No___________
Eye Color:__________ Glasses or Contacts:_________________________
Dentures:___________ Height:________ Weight:___________
Marital Status: Married:______Single:_______Divorced:________Other:_______
Implants of any kind:______________________________________________________
Are Breast real?___________________________________________________________
Do you like them: Sucked________ Chewed_______Kissed___________
Carressed________ Licked__________ Smacked__________

Do you like to be screwed?____________ How often?__________________________
Do you like to perform/receive oral sex?_______________________________________
Do you spit or swallow?_______________________
Pussy size: Small_______ Medium__________ Large_______XTRA Large_______
While screwing, do you: faint________ fart________cry_______scream_________
moan_______ hum_______whine_____yodel__________
scratch____just lay there_________ bitch___________

When you cum, do you: wiggle_______ wobble______ twist________
jerk_________ scream______ pee_________
squeeze out a niblet_________ other_____________

What kind of screw do you like: slow & easy_________ hard & fast_________
in a hurry___________ all night long_______
group______________ or with toys________

How many times___________________ Comments:__________________________
How many partners have you had at one time?__________ In one night?_____________
How long can you screw at one interval?_______________________________________
How long has it been since you lasted screwed?_________________________________
Do you want to screw now?______________________
Are you willing to travel?________________________
If you have screwed before, give 2 references (NOT immediate family)
Name:__________________________ Phone#:___________________________
Name:__________________________ Phone#:___________________________
If application is favorable, what are your charges for one night?___________________

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