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8/1/2006 11:41 pm

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Alright, so I said this was going to be a daily-ish blog, and I realize I havent made a post in a few days, so for that I appologize. My dad and sister drove up to visit me for a few days and my dad took over my bedroom so I havent been able to get to my laptop very much. So that being said, I am adding a new post.

I have been talking with one of my good friends who graduated this spring. He is doing well, he just bought a new condo in seattle with a killer view of the city. I am going to make plans to get down there and visit. Ive known the guy for four years, and now that him, and a few others are gone its been a bit stagnant for me. It seems like all my friends have graduated and are off to bigger and better things. It puts pressure on me to just finish and graduate. I am getting tired of school, the same grind quarter after quarter. I have finished my computer science degree this spring and its a huge burden that has been lifted from my shoulders. Technically I could graduate and get out there, however some time ago I set some academic goals, and Im way to stubborn to give up now. As it stands I have about 2 years of engineering left. I love engineering, there is really a hands on methodology here at western.

I have been doing quite a bit of shooting here in Bellingham. I came across the plantation range which is, oddly enough, just down the road from my house. I am considering getting a dillon 550b press to reload everything, as I am on a college budget and factory rounds get expensive. I havent gotten my mtn bike yet. I have been going back and forth weather I am actually going to get it. I havent been training in the dojo for about a week, and I feel like a lump. I am definetly going to get in there tomorrow for some training, I may go an hour early for some personal kata practice. I really enjoy kata, its an excellent way to explore a lot of the mechanics of karate and to train different muscle groups that are otherwise hard to get to. Also with kata, I can just focus on my training and forget all the shit I am otherwise dealing with. Its nice to just put everything aside and forget it for an hour or two. In the fall I am going to attend a 6 week seminar with some different weapons training. Weapons training is very precise and demanding, so its something that I am trying to work up to. Sensai has a long staff kata he wants to teach me, so I am working some of the different more difficult stances to prepare to work with a heavy (oak) long staff.

Well life otherwise has been pretty stagnant. I checked in today about a job I applied for here in town. They told me that they were reviewing applications and if chosen for an interview I would be called 'soon'..whatever that means. It would be nice to have a job that gave me some more hours than I have been getting at my current job, and also allowed me to work with lots of people. I enjoy working around thing there is hardly any of in the computer science department.

I have been fighting with the girlie friend lately. It almost seems like we are getting sick of each other. It would be nice if we didnt live together and could get some time apart, but thats just not the way it is, and it seems like that is feeding our frusterations lately. I think my think the medicine my girlie takes zapps her sex drive, as it seems she has little to none. Its frusterating because it seems that the only time she wants to have sex with me is after she has been drinking.

I want to get away from everything for a while. I want some change in my life, something to spice everything up. That is something I dont think I will get until I graduate and make a change in my life. I cant really move anywhere because I want to finish college and moving would mean dicking my roommates for rent, which is something I dont really want to do. I have been thinking of places I would like to work when I graduate. Having degrees in both computer science and electrical engineering with minors in physics, math, and possibly manufacturing will allow me (I HOPE) some pretty good job opportunities. I would like to work in seattle as a lot of my friends are in seattle and I like the climate/area. I have also considered working in california, or possibly texas, as both of those places have a huge tech industry. My current boss has worked all over the globe and we have had many conversations about what it is like to work in another country. That is something I would really like to pursue if possible, I would like to get out and experience another country. I think australia would be a great place to work. I have a lot of friends who have studied in australia for a semester and say its awsome. Possibly the UK or maybe austria would be somewhere I would like to work. I have never really left the pacific northwest and I really think it would be great to get out there and experience the world. I have always wanted to visit europe, so maybe I could work there possibly. I dont know what is involved in working overseas, especially with our current political state.

Well thats about it for now, check back soon for more.



8/11/2006 8:16 am

If the girlie friend is on some type of antidepressant, then it is very likely affecting her sex drive. Although there are some that affect it less so maybe she could check into that. However, if it's not an antidepressant I'm clueless and my advice is worthless lol. One good thing about living with the girlie friend now is it is giving you a good idea of what married life is all about (no time apart, little personal space, etc) so you'll be better prepared. Just wanted to comment since I read your blog.

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