d00d, I got views.  

CollegeGuyTall 35M
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7/16/2006 11:29 pm
d00d, I got views.

Ok first off, to everyone who has viewed my profile...hi, how are ya. I got to say....damn...those are some fine looking profile pictures some of you have. I have submitted a picture for my profile, but for some reason its taking forever for them to approve it, maybe they dont approve things on the weekend...hell I wouldnt, heh. So for all of you are thinking...gee, i wonder what he looks like, check back soon, there SHOULD be a simple pic of me up. Or you could email me requesting it.

Ok, I have been using the chatrooms on AdultFriendFinder for a bit. I am reasonably happy with the chatrooms, but being that I'm used to irc-like chatrooms, I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of private message functionality. But all in all its pretty good. One thing I have to say, there are lots and lots of guys looking for cybersex..which is cool I guess, I wish you all luck, but when I see a post like "any drippin pussies want to watch me squirt all over my webcam yahoo me at ***", I just cant refrain from laughing. CMON!!! do you dorks actually think that works? I have success with females, and I think its simply because I can communicate well. But who knows, maybe the interdorks are getting all the bitches...and im using the term 'bitches' in a non-derogatory sence.

Haha, ok, on another note, Ive decided to get myself a new mtn bike and get back into mountain biking. I have settled on a Fisher xcal 29'er, which is a mid-tier bike. Im a big guy, so I want to give the 29inch geometry a try. If any of you bike on or around galbraith mountain in bellingham, shoot me a message.

Well thats all for now, keep those messages comming..If you think im a cool guy awsome, if you think im full of shit, even better, I LOVE those feedback messages. Well Ive written enough, so im gonna leave you with this much...out


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