Still hot  

CollegeGuyTall 35M
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7/21/2006 11:35 pm
Still hot

So its still hot as hell here in northwest Washington. I think it was about 90 degrees today, and its supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. I cant really stand hot weather. Lucky for me its only hot like this for maybe a week or two a year. The worst part of it is the choking nasty humidity. Its seriously like trying to breath in a bag of sand...pretty bad.

So I have been getting some messages about people who like how I blog. Im pretty happy that some people like my writing. I pretty much just put whatever is on my mind on here, and hope someone reads it.

I took my girlie to the olive garden today. It was really crowded, but they had air conditioning so I was happy. We sat down at the bar prior to being seated and got margaritas. I was a bit disappointed when they put this weird sugar stuff on the rim of my drink instead of rocksalt. I cant really get into a margarita without the salt. So if you work at olive garden, please..use salt.

Well Im really hoping it will cool off soon, like I said I really hate hot weather. I havent been sleeping for the last couple of days. I went and worked out today, and I think my sempai was in a bad mood or something, because we did every single painful agonizing fucking excercise there is. I seriously didnt think I was going to make it the whole class...but I did, and now I feel great. Although Im sure I will be sore as hell tomorrow, its nice to have had a really hard workout.

Well right now Im sitting here watching Rescue Me on tv. I really like this show, its hilerous. Plus, I get to see sex on it, and thats always a bonus. I have been thinking of getting the dvd's so I can watch the whole beginning, as I am usually lost what is going on. Well I think Im going to kick back, and enjoy a dark beer.


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