CollegeGuyTall 35M
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7/18/2006 11:51 pm

Ok, I just got finished with a big conversation with my girlfriend which left more things unresolved than it solved. Basically the conversation was, is it typically is, a conversation about the current and future state of our relationship. I feel like our relationship brings a lot of pressures and stress to my life in several ways. First off, we live together, with two other people which means that alone time is at a premium. This adds pressure to our relationship in the fact that its hard to find time to be intimate with each other. Another thing is that living with each other means that I dont really have any alone time. I have never realized how much I enjoyed just going home and not having anyone around before, but now I definetly see it as something that I miss. I feel like she wants a long term commitment, which is something that I just cant give her at this point in my life. Its hard to know what I'll be doing next year, or ever next quarter, and a long term commitment is something that I feel could potentially tie me down when I graduate.

On the other side of things, I think my girlfriend is an awsome girl, I love spending time with her, and I feel like she is one of my best friends. We have more in common that I think she would admit to, and dont have a hard time finding stuff to do with each other. She has an awsome personality and a great sence of humor. She is attractive, and someone that I just like spending time with.

So that is the current state of things. Basically I'm torn between two things. I dont want to break up with her for several reasons. One thing is our lease, and needing to deal with finding a new roommate for one of us, and housing for the other. That is a pain in the ass no matter who you are. Like I said before I really like her, she is awsome, and I dont want to lose her. However, if we did break up, that would take a lot of stress off of my life, things that I could just do better without dealing with. I have learned relationships are difficult, and at this time in my life, its hard to decide which is the best course of action.


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