My polyhemerous friend....  

CollegeGuyTall 35M
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7/25/2006 12:23 am
My polyhemerous friend....

Ok, so here I am again..its STILL hot, and I dont know how much more I can go without sleep before I go insane. The greater Bellingham area is going to hell in the heat, there was a freeway shooting today, a bunch of fights down on railroad, people just falling over dead... I guess heat makes people crazy.

As always, Im sittin here rockin out not doing a whole lot. I downloaded a huge file containing a bunch of system of a down cd's, but the tool that packed it up recorded them at 64kpbs, and it sounds like ass. As a result, I think I will look for another set of cd's online.

Not a lot to report here, Im working with someone new at work, its nice to be working with someone who isnt a complete moron for a change. I gave him a task, and he just did was nice, no hounding me for the best way to go about it.

Haha, one comical thing happened, I ran into someone on here from my town, and chatted with her for a bit. I wont say who she is, but I will say she nearly lapped my age. Upon propositioning me for a meeting, she got all pissy when I declined. And THEN started telling me how rude of an individual I was for talking to her about sex. She said its rude for me to ask her things that would reveal her as a promiscuous individual. I find this funny being that she is scamming the chat rooms for someone half her own age, propositioning them for sex, and then saying she isnt promiscuous...I think we get the picture you idiot. So Ive been dealing with that.


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