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CollegeGuyTall 35M
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7/17/2006 9:47 pm

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7/19/2006 10:49 pm

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Hi everyone. So I recieved some suggestions..thanks NativeEagleNest, you have some beautiful knockers by the way ...

So I got back from my workout, which was intense, more than usual. So needless to say im wiped out. I think I just might sleep for the next two days, which wouldnt at all be a bad thing..well except for missing work and all.

On a random topic, Ive managed to become a 'popular' user, which basically means a certain number of people have looked at my profile in 3 consecutive days. So as a result, I get 50 free profile views, and the ability to send email to members. Since Im not planning on paying for this service this works out pretty damn well in my book.

Well I figured it might be entertaininng to begin a discussion on the topic of squirting, or female ejaculation to use a more proper term. This is a topic that interests me, and is something I have only become aware of recently. I dont konw if its appropriate to ask you to share your views on this topic, but I think that would provide some entertainment for all. I think by nature, people like to hear stuff about other people. Its why we gossip, and also why shitty reality shows on fox are so popular (as I watch Hells Kitchen). So if your a female who can squirt, post a comment about your experiences.

Well I might post another blog tonight, I find blogging to be sorta fun, something I didnt anticipate from the beginning. But for now, Im going to finish watching my program and maybe sit out on my deck for a bit.


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