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I have been tagged by actlikeanimals

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Below are six weird things about me:

Hmm, a self critique eh
I think overall I find mild contradictions, as most do within themselves if they think about it enough or are comfortable enough to laugh or curse at themselves. I dont think Im an extremist, but I think my inward dispostion often travels exponetially, I generally dont have one position on things.

1> I can be obessessively organized, sometimes to the point I burn myself out, followed by a spell of devout lethargy. Sort of a workaholic when the wheels get turning. I can easily start of vaccuuming a cieling fan and find myself at home depot planning and purchasing renovation materials lmao

2> I have a lot give socially, I have a lot to say "at times", and I feel that I need ppl when Im out, but yet Im a very private person when in my perimeter, I dont like unexpected company etc, somewhat of a hermit. I wasnt always like that... ponders.

3> Im very meticulous and scheduled at work, yet in personal life where Im not confined to a shift persay, my vision becomes too expansive, I want to accomplish more things than I can, and sometimes become befuddled as where to start first. That irritates me, lol. I like results, I tend to lack motivation towards things that I have assessed are not going to be productive to my satisfaction.

4> Fortunately, at a very young age I was accentuated for being very talented in numerous areas. I am a musician of many instruments, I draw reasonably well, I have a builders type mentality that gives me knack for making something worthwhile out of nothing, or seeing it finished before its started (this applies to many aspects lol), but it seems my creative vision has almost tidal climates, surges and dormantsies, and when the flow is there its often too much to capture and retain, having pride in what I have done, yet leaving me to feel as if I didnt completely satisfy my potential when it subsides. I can be a bit hard on myself.

5> I am a very compassionate person. I can be quite giving when its of my own accord, yet Im somewhat intolerant of insecurity or abusive neediness that eclipses my personal initiative. When things become expected, the ideal of the gift is gone.

6> I am an intense lover. I achieve a great deal of satisfaction in breaking down a womans composure and taking her to the plateau of what I call "that place"...the place where she is no longer concerned or aware of how she looks or sounds, oblivious to her surroundings. That transformation manifests in many ways, some are simply a personality shift, whereas the most refined woman has no hesitation in what emerges from her vocabulary, some writh and gutterally gasp in a fit rivaling an exorcism, some weep or snub like a scorned child, and some are focused in the quiet siezure of their bodies, the stuttered breath and involuntary twitching ascending to one utter pause in time, allowing her linger there of her own pace, then collapsing into a seemingly boneless mass, and witnessing her transformation back to this place. It entices me to no end, I yearn for it, and can be intensely dedicated to it, yet if my intuition tells me that a woman is not capable of letting go, I tend to reverse into focusing on my pleasure and my own spontaniety of whatever comes to my mind that I would like to do.

Theres my 6!!

Lol, reading back over all that almost sounds bipolar or some other clinical label used by the empire of the "you must have this pill" industry, but I assure you thats not the case, lmao, just a very contemplative person.
Well, I dunno who to tag, as Im the newbie here I guess, so whoever wants to chime in, be my guest. If youre reading, consider yourself tagged!

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Welcome to the blogs!

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TY same to you angel.

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