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8/15/2006 11:51 pm

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I'm a true believer in personal responsibility. We are in charge of our own emotions. It's all in our heads. (At least how we react to any situation is.) This includes our sex drives. If we're having a dry spell, then we need to look into ourselves to find the cause. I have been wanting multiple partners lately because I want variety. I'm free again, and don't want to be tied down to one person. It isn't that I can't be. I was married and monogamous for 11 years. Certainly we sometimes went months on end not having sex, but that wasn't always just me. Sometimes he didn't want it either.

Normally I'm not a big believer in god, or any other type of cosmic force, but there seems to be one trend that I keep seeing over and over again lately in my life. My friends that are polysomethingorothers are all settling down with one woman. So I have to ask myself, is this the universe trying to tell me something? Or am I just being completely conceited and interpreting things wrong?

It certainly got me thinking. Reexamining what I want in a partner. I'm not at all ready to settle down with "The One" yet, but maybe I could start thinking about looking for someone who might be.

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8/18/2006 10:22 am

Hello again Eyes - good to see you. I do not "believe" in God - because to me the word "believe" leaves room for doubt. But rather, I "know" He exists and never leaves ANY of us. But, it up to us to listen and respond. When you "seek", you will find.

Luv, fort

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