Call me old fashioned.  

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6/15/2006 3:36 am

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7/31/2006 1:59 pm

Call me old fashioned.

After some consideration, I have decided that I am, indeed, old fashioned.

I was having a conversation yesterday with an Ex. Now, I used to collect Ex's like some people collect ants beneath their house. I am not that guy anymore, so I make my best efforts to be friendly.

She's a pretty girl, as it were, so I tend to send a compliment or flirt or whatever. She gets rather indignified, and did so again last night.

This got me to thinking, about lots of things. I work with some cute girls at work - too young for me, to be sure, but cute nonetheless.


As hot as I might think a girl is, I'm still looking to get inside her head before I just drop my drawers and show her Mr. Happy.

Call me old fashioned.

What happened to the days when women would blush, would be interested in talking about themselves, would actually take a mental note of guys who paid attention?

Those days are gone. GONE.

Now, it's all..

I say: "That dress looks nice on you today."
She hears: "I want to have sex with you."

I say: "Did you do something different with your hair?"
She hears: "I want to have sex with you. And grab your hair while doing it."

Eh, if I don't say, "You're hot. Let's screw." - maybe, just maybe, I have capacity for thought beyond that.

As hard as it might be to believe by looking at me, I have turned down girls, hot ones, too, because I did not feel comfortable with them on a mental/emotional level.

Call me old fashioned.

I like the build up to asking a girl out. I like the stupid comments, the flirting, the knowing grins shared across the room, and all that other stuff. It's fun. It helps me get to know a girl better, before we actually go out, and end up screwing like rabbits, if we do. It helps me decide if I actually want to have sex with her, inspite of her fantastic ass or great smile or whatever else.

Perhaps I'm a rarity, and perhaps women are so jaded by Cosmopolitan quizzes that they don't stop to actually pay attention.

Either most men are indifferent to a woman's particular nuances, or most women are completely blind to a man, beyond the "Oh. Look. A penis with a nice chest and brown eyes. Look. A walking penis who is skinny but has a sense of humor. Look. A penis with a big fat bankroll."

Maybe it's gotten all turned around us. Men were notorious for objectifying women. In the old days, women were possessions, like the car(s) in the driveway.

Watch now, as our instincts are much the same: much like we check out a car's headlights, slender curves, and the bumper as it speeds away; we check out a woman's face, chest, waist, legs and check out her ass as she walks off.

That's funny to watch, too. I hang out with my coworkers on break, and there's a law office on both sides of us, so you can see all their heads turn when a good looking woman comes out for a smoke.

I see it all. I don't miss a thing. That's what I do.

So, I also happen to see when a woman gives me the look of, "You, walking penis, you know you want to have sex with me. I don't even have to say hi to you because I could have you any time I wanted."

And well, that's where you are wrong. (Unless I'm drinking, in which case, your chances are much better - but, still, not guaranteed.)

Call me old fashioned.

I appreciate finer qualities in a person. I look for it. I keen for it. In fact, in an age where every news article is riddled with disaster and ridiculously negative dramatic shit, I'm looking to be compelled by someone who makes me laugh, or who appreciates MY finer qualities, as much as I appreciate theirs.

Oh, sure, maybe you have a nice ass. Great. But, as much fun as we can have with my penis and your ass and all the parts inbetween - AT SOME POINT - we're going to have a conversation.

And in the anticipation of that awkward moment where one of us says, "Uh.. so...", I'd just as soon not fuck with it.

I'd just as soon meet someone that I actually interests me. It doesn't matter if it works out or not, or if we're just sexual buddies, or whatever. Still, I'd prefer that we have some mutual communication skills outside the bedroom.

Mostly, though, for as much time as I spend analyzing people and their behavior, I'd like to be seen as more than a walking penis with a wallet and some mind numbing skill in the bedroom.

Call me old fashioned.

You won't offend me.

But you will give weight to the notion that women have begun to objectify men, that we have, as a gender, become too simple and uncomplicated for you, that you have finally figured out what you think you need to know.

And there is no more challenge.

Until you meet me. And you make the mistake of thinking that I'll come at your call, just because I find you attractive. I won't.

On the mere principal of being a man, not a dog.

Have a nice day.

countryheart_71 46F
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6/15/2006 4:51 am

It's nice to know that guys like you still exist! I'm the same way. I have only been on this site a few months and I still have trouble just jumping in bed with someone that I just met. Always thought that it was just me. Thanks!


papyrina 52F
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6/15/2006 4:54 am

i'm an old fashioned woman,i like my men to have manners be gentleman,treat and compliment like a woman should be,open doors etc.

I really don't know why someone get angry at a simple compliment,

I'm a

i'm here to stay

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