Third day blues  

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6/5/2006 3:34 pm

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6/5/2006 3:35 pm

Third day blues

It started off so well with another three new replies from people... but it's kinda slow this game, a real slow burner. At some point you have to accept that the people you really fancy maybe don't fancy you at all and then you go to the second division... how far you sink is how good a team you are... perhaps I should put a cock shot into attack, he thinks... well patience patience... there's still 27 days to go to meet one person. That's the aim.

Another thought: It was almost distressing to find that one person I was chatting to was using it much like any other dating site.. ie much chat first before meeting can be considered. I thought that was why people were on this site, to get wild. But then you have to realise that:

SOME MEN ARE PSYCHOS at least in the eyes of women. Let's hope I don't fall into the trap of the one psycho bitch from hell who tortures me and then cuts off my head mid-orgasm. That would just be a waste.

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