The Pulling Strategies for Total Success  

Cleverdick25 37M
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6/7/2006 1:52 pm
The Pulling Strategies for Total Success

Warning: These are currently undergoing trials to determine effectiveness

1) Mail only women with naked body parts showing in profiles and tell then what you want to do to them. Success rate: One reply.

2) Mail only women who probably don't get as much attention as other people. Success rate: Zero

3) Mail women in the recently added profiles section to catch them raw before they get deluged with mails. Success rate: One reply but fake.

3) Mail women in the online now section to boost chances of being read that minute. Success rate: One reply, conversation ongoing.

4) Mail women older than you in the hope they are a bit more up for it. Success rate: Zero.

5) Mail women offering friendship first with no mention of sex. Success rate: Not yet tried due to low patience levels.

6) Mail women with only your cock and the caption: Want some of this? Success rate: Not tried due to this tactic being used by so many idiots on the site.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

Day 4 results
Total replies received: Seven (one fake)
Total meetings: Zero

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