Reality failures no. 1  

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6/12/2006 2:59 pm

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Reality failures no. 1

My housemate, attractive, danish, blonde, a very hot body.... she got locked out of her flat and knocked on my door hoping i would help get the ladder out. I agreed, having failed to meet anyone dating wise, and plus I like adventures. First I had to show my expertise with an expanding ladder, which led to plenty of penis analogies going through my head. I propped it up on the wall and she went up it, while I kept a firm hold of the base. She ascended to the top but then lacked the fearlessness to go all the way and open her window enough. Still, it gave me a view of her pert ass. She came down the ladder. I decided the ladder was the wrong way up because it should taper at the top not the bottom. I changed it round. I then ascended myself and clambered onto her balcony. I slid my fingers under the nearly closed window and pulled it up. She told me 'Hey well done.' With a sense of pride i hesitated on her window sill but she gave me the go ahead to climb into her room and open the door from the inside. I went in and lingered for a moment, checking out her interior... but in my gentlemanly state i decided not to ravage her womb or root around in her dresser and instead opened the door and returned to the front to receive her thanks... she thanked me. But then i made the crucial error in not following this up by saying hey you should buy me a drink sometime.... and she returned to her room and I to mine... alone

rm_besomi 40F

6/12/2006 4:25 pm

i hope she invites you over more often now.

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