Cleanfun923 38F
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6/17/2006 2:57 am

Another day awakes as she finishes yet another romantic comedy to help her fall asleep. She watches such movies to give her unrealistic hopes to fill her dreams with. As she lays her head on the many pillows that fill her empty bed she thinks what she has just witnessed is one person's creative writing of a single experience that can not be duplicated.

Movies taken from others dreams or experiences and shared with the world to try to capture the purest of feelings...only to fall short. What is love...not something that can be put into words...or shown...only felt. Movies like these just remind her how empty her hart is right now. Remind her how she is to be learning from the silence that fills her apartment...fills her home...fills her mind...fills her heart. Will it one day be filled again with the sounds of love?

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