Whadda Summer...Part 2  

CirqueDuSoleil76 42F
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8/16/2006 3:07 pm
Whadda Summer...Part 2

Now, where was I??????? Oh, yes…..the next biggest blog office must read was the show down ‘tween one of those scurvy dawgs from the ‘Atlanta Army’ and our resident ‘juicy’ analytical psychologist wanna be.

Oh, it was something to behold. Keyboards were smoking in the deep south and in the southwest. All the while the fencing sitting damsel in distress nervously twiddled her white paws on the sidelines. Personally I think the two dueling testosterone dudes should have resolved their lovers spat with a Zoolander walk off.

Oh, there have been minor insults made since and Blogland is never quiet for long. Half of Blogland has their Sussex hero to hold up on their shoulders due to his fine investigative reporting outing the nubs and aliens!

I wonder if he waves like the Queen when he passes his infamous gas at his admirers? Now those two ‘mouthbreathing’ nubs we loved have now become the alien nubs Blogland loves to hate.

I wonda WHOO will be next that the Bloglanders will scrutinize with their myopic outing equipment??? I need to load up on my popcorn.

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