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rm_Cinr 55M
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3/31/2006 2:03 am
What Next?

Hi Guys, after the excitement of the last few days it has been almost enjoyable to be back at the grindstone of work. J has been off for the rest of the week, but we have spoken on the 'phone every day. Mostly expressing how much we both enjoyed ourselves. We have also discussed meeting up again and how to get our respective partners involved without them becoming suspicious that we have already enjoyed each others bodies. I like the idea of casually meeting J one day while my wife and I are out shopping and seeing how they get on before possibly exploring the next steps. It doesn't involve J's partner but I get to check out my wifes reaction to J. J suggested we all go round for dinner and see what develops. Problem I see there is how do I explain to my wife we are being invited round for dinner to someones house who I know through work without her becoming suspicious. I'll give it some thought and let you know how we get on. If you have any suggestions please let me have them.

I am off to Europe early next week to visit our Head Office. They are based near Brussels so I'm looking forward to a couple of days of beer and good food. It would be nice to take J away, but somehow I don't think her boss will go for it. Besides I might meet come across another opportunity. Nothing like a bit of entent cordial to keep the wheels of Europe lubricated.

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