Quality shear quality  

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3/28/2006 2:31 am

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Quality shear quality

Got into work today to find I had a message from J asking me to call her at home. After attending to the usual early morning chores I 'phoned her (got the number from HR who wnated to know why I needed an employees number - had to make up some story that she had left something at work) Called her, seems she wanted to thank me for putting in a word with her boss so she could have the next couple of days off. After about ten minutes of polite chit chat she says she has to go but if I'm ever passing to drop in for a coffee. When I said I didn't know where she lived and I'd had to get her number from personnel she gives me directions to the house with no hesitation. I tried to get back to the routine work, but my mind is thinking 'is she wanting me to go around, or is she just being polite?'

Anyway I went down to see how prodution is running, we fill products for customers on a third party basis, and as usual everyone and his dog wants to moan and bitch about something. My boss the MD calls me on my mobile to tell me the figures are out for February and they don't make good reading. If things don't improve then some cuts will have to be made. I got the feeling it might be me down the road, which really made me angry. I work long hours, late hours skip lunch, etc for these people and get little or no thanks, not even a decent pay rise. To say I was in a bad mood was an understatement. Anyway I made a decision. Tomorrow lunchtime I'm going to take J up on her invite. Even if it's all innocent it gets me out of here for an hour or so. Wish me luck!

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