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Aussie Slang!

For all the Americans I talk to that don't have any idea what I am saying, here are some of the phrases, sayings and general lingo that Aussie's use!

A'S & B'S

she'll be Apples! everything will be okay

Arse over tit or tip fall over

get your Arse into gear someone is asking you to get moving .

Arse about face something is back to front.

Ankle biter young child.

Aussie someone from Australia, An Australian
this Arvo this afternoon.

Aggro some who is aggravated, upset about something .

Av-a-go-yer-mug someone is not trying hard enough in their sport, and you want them to
Anyhow mate! a saying used to change the subject when talking>.

Ace excellent

Amber fluid beer.

Apple eaters someone who lives in the state of Tasmania (apple growing state).

Arvo afternoon

Awning over the toy shop male beer belly.

Aerial ping pong Aussie rules football
All the go something is right with it, popular.


Barbie or B.B.Q barbecue cooking outdoors.

Bananas someone going crazy with anger.

Banana bender someone who lives in the state of Queensland, (Queensland is the Banana growing state).

Basket case someone on the edge of mental collapse .

Better half your wife or husband.

Bloke Australian male.

true Blue something that is real Australian
having a Blue having a fight or argument
give it a Bash you will try something you are not sure of
you're Battler you work hard to earn a livin.

Blowing your dough spending all your money
what is this? Bush week? you tell someone something is not true.

Breakky first meal of the day.

you little Beauty, that's Beaut excited approval, something has gone really well.

Bottoms up drinking the whole glass of something all at once (usually beer).

your Old Bag, the old Bag a term for a woman, usually the wife, the mother inlaw, or such.

A Balls up terrible mistake, every things gone all wrong.

The Back of Beyond far out bush as you can get, right out outback of Australia
Past the Black stump the same as back of beyond.

Bloody oath I do "yes" you really, really do approve of what's someone is saying
Bob's your uncle you just understood something that at first you did not not understand.

Hit in the .

put the billy on putting water on to boil, usually camping out to make a cup of tea.

He bolted he left very quick.

Bonzer there mate! that's great friend .

Boomer kangaroo.

Booze, Boozer alcohol, pub or hotel OR a person who is a heavy drinker.

Blue Heeler police.

Billabong a waterhole.

Blowies blow flies.

Buckley's chance no chance at all(Buckleys &nunn).

Banged up pregnant.

Beak your nose.

give someone a Bell ring them on the phone.

Blimey you are surprised by something
you little Bottler delight, something as gone the way you want
ya bloods worth Bottling! someone has done something good for you, you say this
go for a Bo-peep a sly look at something
Bum your arse end(bottom) or someone down on their luck and living on the street.

Built like a brick shit house you are saying something or someone is of very strong construction.

old Batalax or Battle-Axe wife OR mother-inlaw
Brass razoo no money.

Bugalugs a freindly endearment
Beating around the bush not getting to the point on a subject.

Bluey a nickname for someone with red hair.

gidday you old Bastard a term of endearment.

Back of Bourke the middle of nowhere.

Bail out you leave .

Bail up hold up OR rob OR earbash
have a Barney fight or scuffle OR argument or tiff.

Bathers swimming costume (VIC. & SA) .
Berko angry in a unreasonible way.

Block your head
do your Block you are angry or loose your temper.

Booze bus Police van used for randon breath testing for alcohol.

Bunyip mythical spirit creature from outback
give it a Burl give something a try, that you have not done before.

Bushbash go off road in a vehicle.

Billy cart a go-kart of a kids (childs) construction.

not doing Bugger all you doing absolutely nothing.

Bush telegraph the town gossip network.

Bludger someone who fails to do anything at all they are asked (lazy).

what a Bummer you're been let down by something .

Boogie Board half-sized surf board .

ugly as a box of Blowflies that's real ugly.

Bindie-eye a grassy nettle.

go to Buggery ask to leave or keep your nose out-in a very nasty way.

on the Blower telephone.

Bugger me dead! extremely shocked at something.

Brumby wild horse.

Bugger off? they are telling you to go, in a not very nice way.

Bum nuts eggs.

doing your Block you are getting very angry, loosing your head .

town Bike Woman of loose morals, sleeps around.

Bush pig an un-attractive woman.

I'm Busy as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest your doing nothing
my Bad my mistake.

Back hander a bribe.

to put the Bite on someone to ask them for money.

Buddy Bundaberg rum.

Brickies cleavage top of the buttocks exposed.

Bolt erect penis.

Bullshit! said when someone makes a incorrect statement or you may think so.

Blotto someone being drunk.

Bite your Bum go away or be quiet.

Butcher 285ml beer in South Australia
going like a Blue ass fly doing something very fast
better then a poke in the eye with a Blunt stick something is sorta OK .

Bog going to the toilet.

If you take your eyes off your goals,
all you see are obstacles.

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Cinderella21957 61F

4/2/2006 9:18 pm

Oh Hi Will.... so nice to see ya.... I know this post was pretty long-winded, but I wanted to give you Yanks an edumaction in Aussie lingo.

See ya Darls and thanks for stopping by.

If you take your eyes off your goals,
all you see are obstacles.

Cinderella21957 61F

4/2/2006 9:19 pm

Hi Will, thanks for stopping by,what a rareity.((((((((((hugs))))))))))


If you take your eyes off your goals,
all you see are obstacles.

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