Part of a couple and that was that  

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4/13/2006 9:40 pm

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Part of a couple and that was that

My last "serious" relationship ended about two and a half years ago; since then I've had some fun but not serious relationships and liaisons and whatnot.

I remember several periods in my life when I felt so connected to whichever girlfriend I had at the time that life was nearly unimaginable without her. I was part of a couple and that was that. Of course I did things on my own, but she was always included in my socializing (she was at least always given the option to join me) and I enjoyed having the world see us together. I was proud of her.

(The above applies to three of my previous relationships, each of which lasted several years.)

How do I feel now?

I'm so accustomed to not being part of a couple and setting my own schedule and coming and going as I please that I sometimes have trouble remembering when I even have plans with another person, male or female. Being alone is starting to feel permanent, and to an extent I like that idea but I remember feeling so fulfilled in a relationship that the lack of one and the idea of never having one again is incredibly painful.

I'm in a droopy mood, I guess.

I also remember how much easier it was to meet new people while I was in a relationship, because I had that "getting laid regularly" confidence (come on, you know what I'm talking about!)

Does alone always feel temporary to you or do you suspect it is your lot in life?

Choozmi 51M

4/14/2006 1:57 pm

Sweetcat, thanks for chiming in. Ah, opportunities... The things I have done since my break-up have amazed me with their boldness (my boldness, I suppose).

I quit a job and a career that I didn't like.

I made two films, wrote and directed several plays, and did some acting and producing while still maintaining a modest but profitable business on the side.

I joined AdultFriendFinder and had some fun here.

I joined several other "conventional" dating sites and went on dozens of dates until I decided that my ego was no longer at stake (I could get a date) and that it was cheaper to meet women at parties.

And a few other things.

I often wonder whether I would have accomplished any of the above were I still with my ex. I don't know.

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