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Choozmi 51M
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6/16/2006 1:30 pm

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6/25/2006 10:45 pm

Need some advice

Okay, my picture is right there on the screen. That's what I look like. I'm not too tall, not too short (5' 8" ), not scrawny, not fat. I'm in decent shape. The way I write in my blog and elsewhere on this site is pretty close to the way I talk.

I'm usually quite friendly with people and on first meeting try to put them at ease with a joke or a compliment.

If I met you at a party, how do you think you would act toward me?

I ask this because I am often perplexed by my interactions with women at parties and I sometimes feel like I'm just not getting whatever message they're sending me, whether it's "Go away!" or "Try harder!"

Any insight you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Men are of course welcome to comment.

Hippink 36F  
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6/23/2006 8:08 pm

Everything I know about you here, would suggest I might have a great conversation in person that might even lead to wanted to get to know you more intimately.
I can't say for sure, though, because I don't know your mannerisms. If you're able to look me in the eye, talk & listen equally, and if you seem at least somewhat confident, then we might go further.

One thing I noticed people forget (including myself!) is that the person you're talking to might be just as self-consious and clueless as to what you might have in mind.

I say try harder. Pushing it a little will force her to have a more obvious reaction. Then you'll know. It's hard to put yourself out there... but if you don't you'll never know. Just don't do it too soon, cuz that seems pushy.

My "method" is to talk a little with a guy... then mingle a bit, then watch him until I catch his eye. Smile, then look away. Do this a few times, until he's watching me and can't take his eyes off me. By that time, I'll know for sure he's interested and one of us will approach the other.

It's all in the eyes!
OOOH! I think I'll blog about this! Thanks!
Hippie XXX

How to Get Laid on AFF The Basics
Have fun, play safe!

Choozmi 51M

6/24/2006 12:44 am

Hippie, I'm very good at looking people in the eye as I talk to them. Sometimes I think I'm too focused and I try to look away from time to time just to give them some breathing space.

I'm confident about certain things. Certain topics, for example.

I was at a party last fall and I was very interested in a woman there. Unfortunately I'd gotten there late and she had already been spending a lot of time with another gentleman (who seemed handsome and charismatic, frankly). I thought I'd give it a try anyway, and was able to talk to pull her away from the crowd and talk to her quite a bit.

It got a tad creepy, though, because when she and I were off talking I noticed that the gent who had been hitting on her seemed to be staring at her very intently. It was as though he was trying to will her to return to him. I wanted to say to her, "That guy's trying to hypnotize you -- are you going to fall for that silly shit?" but I knew that would make me look like a whiner or something. So I kept being my charming self and hoping she would take me up on my invitation to return with me to my hotel for a... chat.

She didn't. I never found out exactly what she did do that night but reading between the lines it sounded like she went with the other guy wherever he was trying to drag her and then ended up regretting it for some reason.

Although I'm glad that she might not have had such a great time with the other guy, I wish I could have gotten her to hang out with me. I gave it my best shot.

Hippie, I have a feeling if I met you at a party we would have a wonderful conversation.

cookie7823 47F

6/25/2006 8:58 pm

Sweetie...I love you to death, but the pic??? Not so much! You are way more attractive than that picture portrays!! xoxoxoxo!!


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