They're giving me grief... again  

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9/10/2006 8:08 am

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They're giving me grief... again

I don't understand it. In the whole scheme of things I amount to one, tiny, insignificant speck- I'm sure. So why is it the people here at AdultFriendFinder give me such shit over what pictures I post next to my blogs?

My last entry- "I Hate You," had the cutest picture of a little boy giving the finger. OK, actually "cute" isn't the word to describe it. He had all of the hate and rage of any grown adult; it was just funny to see a 5 year old giving the bird. I thought it was perfect, but the powers that be here at AdultFriendFinder thought otherwise and decided to remove it.

ARE YOU SO SERIOUS?!?!?! How is it a site that promotes sex, encourages infidelity, allows images of cocks, cunts, ejaculation, penetration, and urination to be your profile picture and yet finds the stuff I post inappropriate?!?

Is it because it's a kid? Or does giving the bird really offend people on here? I'm just curious, because this is the second time I've run into this problem. The first one I'm never gonna understand: A picture of me wrestling an alligator statue!! I still haven't gotten a reprieve from that one. I though it showed off my lighter, funnier side that everyone has come to know and love- but someone thought otherwise.

So anyway, if someone has an idea of why what I'm posting gets earmarked I'd love to hear it. Give it your best guess. I formal apology to anyone here that is actually on the AdultFriendFinder staff- I'm sure all those images of people sh*tting on each other must get old.

(Insert image of me grabbing myself here).

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