Self Indulgence  

ChinRyder 40M
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7/23/2006 12:23 pm

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Self Indulgence

Yes, I know that this blog comes right on the heels of the previous one, but I don't like to mix my themes. As I stated earlier, I can't always write about the bad- I have to throw in some good. Last night it was good to be the king.

A month back some friends and I decided to take a night out on the town. It's been a while since I've just gone out with friends and only had to worry about myself, so the trip was well deserved. We started out going out for dinner. We chose a nice little Italian restaurant downtown because it was close to the Jazz Factory, where we were going afterward.

The three of us met there in the early evening and enjoyed some good food, some good wine, and good conversation. It was a little awkward since I didn't know these two people extremely well (newer friends) but also exciting simply for the fact that in not knowing each other very well you spend more time getting to know them. Make sense? Anyway......

We made our way down to the Jazz Factory to see the Winard Harper Sextet. (Wouldn't that be awkward if they were on this site too? Think I could get sued for promoting them here? That'd be funny). A fourth joined our group and we all ordered drinks. As we sat there grooving to the music I felt better than I had in a long time. There's something about being single that is liberating. It's that feeling that you can go anywhere and do anything without having to call for permission, or to check in. The money in your pocket is yours, and the only time it gets spent is if you want something. It's a total self-indulgence that I haven't had for some time.

As the night went on we ordered more food and drinks. Lamb chops, quesadillas, wine and coffee. The music from the band washed over me, cleansing me of any negativity I may have brought with me. I was among friends, with no obligation to anyone. I looked around at all of the couples there and how they acted around one another. Sure some were truly happy that they had someone to share their experience with, but you could see in their eyes that they were watching out for the other person, making sure that their time was just as enjoyable. For me, the satisfaction came in knowing that it was all about my pleasure; Self-gratification.

I saturated every sense. Food and drink for the nose and mouth, music for the ears, the woman in front of us with the low cut dress, revealing a very healthy pair of breasts for my eyes, and a warm, fuzzy numbness all over my body from it all- like that post-orgasmic feeling that gives you the contentment of a well fed baby.

That wasn't the end of my night. I did do one thing for someone else, but I got something out of it too. My ex had invited me to her belated college graduation party the week before but I had to decline due to this previous obligation. (That and it'd too damn awkward being around her family and friends). Maybe it was the wine, or the fact that I wanted an ego stroke that got me to stop by, but I did. It was after midnight by the time that I got there, and everyone was in a jovial mood if you know what I mean.

I stayed only a half-hour. Long enough to make my appearance known and to get a little recognition. We all like to be appreciated and I am certainly no exception. She was extremely happy to see me (as well as surprised). I congratulated her again on her accomplishment with a kiss on the forehead and a patented hug and then drove home. It's always good to leave them wanting more.

Like I've said before: It's good to be the king.

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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7/24/2006 3:56 pm

You are good at being the king baby!


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